Sorry this took so long! It was final weeks for me! I'll try to get this done and Fluttershy Leans In before Saturday!

Everyone way for the rockiest episode in the season? *Insert Rocky theme here* There's gonna be alot of montages in here about excersing and getting ready for boxing and stuff like that! No? It's not? Ah so it's time for rock 'n roll, right? No? So then it's time to get sto- *rock gets thrown at me* Right, family friendly, wiki! XD That's right, it's time for Maud Pie's episode of the season! Let's get started with Rock Hard Solid Friendship!

So Maud graduated and she might be moving to Ponyville! Maud was the only student in that school though? How does a university like that stay in business? I guess they have a solid budget? Budda-boom-pssh! *tomato gets thrown at me* Mmm yummy! Thanks for the free food! :D Now at first I wasn't too thrilled for this episode because I thought it would be about going from place to place, touring Ponyville, meeting the different characters, but turning out that Maud only likes the rocks; but no, this is different! She befriended Starlight Glimmer! I totally didn't expect that! I know someone had a theory of Starlight making her own Mane Six, and it looks like that theory might come true! We already have Starlight and Trixie as the two unicorns, and Maud as the first earth pony, and now Starlight's group needs one more earth pony and two pegasi! I got the feeling that one pegasus might be Lightning Dust! ;) I had no clue how much chemistry Starlight and Maud had when it comes to being different, and they understand each other perfectly! Alot of people also wanted Maud and Trixie to interact, so they might get that as well! Maud was hilarious in this episode, especially with the guitar strings part, and the part where she made another "rock friend"! It was also nice seeing the Pie family again, regardless that they just had one cameo and that's it. It was also nice seeing a bit of Ghastly Gorge again, but it would've been nice to see it appear in season 6 with the "travel Equestria" thing going on. Who expected Maud to be partly responsible to Starlight's power to store cutie marks? XD It was a nice little gag and development there, and I really think these two make a great duo! I never expected them to though, so it's pretty surprising!

Now of course the main conflict in this episode was from the starring character, Pinkie Pie, who isn't a perfect snowflake all the time, but at least we finally got an episode starring her without another Mane Six, cause it wasn't the case last season! People say Pinkie was annoying in this episode, but I kinda liked her in here! She's just desperate for Maud to stay, and even though her friendship with Starlight was already happening, she just doesn't listen! Yeah this was kind of a repeat from A Friend in Deed, but sometimes people need to reminded what they already learned. How Pinkie tried to spy on Maud and Starlight was excellent! The cameos of Lyra, Bonnie, and even Derpy, plus, PIZZA! Pinkie was delivering a pizza to Derpy! Derpy has the right idea! Who cares if she didn't order a pizza or got hit in the head by one? It's free pizza! No one can say no to that! Pinkie really learned a good moral about not forcing two ponies to be friends! I mean even though it worked though; after all, friendship ALWAYS works! XD Starlight seemed pretty annoyed by Pinkie, and even though she cares about her, she clearly wants friends outside of the Mane Six! I also liked the cavern, and that's a very awesome place for Maud to live! She's got her own built-in swimming pool! I wanna live there, or at least be my meditation spot! So Maud might appear more often since she lives in Ponyville now, but she lives underground so we don't have to see her THAT often!

So Maud was called by her full name! It seems all the Pie family has full names! It was nice seeing a cameo from all of them, even if they didn't do much. Personality wise though, they still seem the same! Why was Pinkie's dad using a camera? I thought they lived Amish? But regardless, great episode! Not my favorite in the season though. I loved seeing Starlight and Maud interact, but there were something about Celestial Advice and A Flurry of Emotions that made me like those better. I like this better than All Bottled Up though! Also love the Tank cameo! Glad he's still around! Nick, my ol buddy, he did an excellent job in this episode! Didn't beat his season 6 episodes though, but it was still good! I really hope he comes back next season to write more!

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