It's been some months, but we're finally a week till the new episode! Time to discuss my opinion on this hiatus!

I've been driving alot lately, close to getting my licence! I really wanna get it this year!

Redecorated my bedroom too! I'm not sure if this was before or during the hiatus, but it looks really nice!

I passed out of Spanish 2 and Environment since the season finished, and I'm just about done now with Astronomy class and Astronomy Lab! After this, all my academic classes are done, and it's just classes to get points from here on out! Fun classes! :D

I started watching new shows during the hiatus, such as Supreme Donuts, Riverdale, and Lucifer! All very awesome shows! Some have very interesting twists, some have very interesting present day morals and truths, and some are even hilarious! XD

During the later times of the hiatus, I also began my Chronological Gaming Marathon! I started off with Bioshock Infinite, then the World War 2 Call of Duty games, then Mafia 2, and now GTA Vice City Stories! I'm already at the 80s! In the middle I also watched the gameplays of Mafias 1 and 3 since I don't have those games, and I just finished RAGE today, but I know that game isn't in chronological order with the other games I played, but it's in an alternate universe, so I don't count it! ;)

So this hiatus has been pretty fun! Season 7, the EG episodes, and the movie all sound interesting so far! And no matter what, I'll enjoy them as much as I can! Here are the new bingos I got for the incoming season AND the EG episodes!

FANMADE MLP-Season7bingomega1

MLP Season 7 Bingo! Five in a row wins!

FANMADE MLP-EG2016bingomega

The EG episodes bingo! Only five slots marked in total will win this one!