Ok at first, I'll admit, I thought I wouldn't like this episode, but after watching it, I thought it wasn't bad at all. I mean, it's not my favorite though since I'm not into the BG ponies that much (except Merry May). But it's nice to see the writers are thinking of the fandom, and are thanking us by giving us an episode dedicated to us.

Now the story of Cranky and Matilda getting married is a pretty interesting idea, because I was wondering when these two would appear in an episode again (besides BG appearances). I also like the different stories dedicated in this episode that nodded the brony fandom. Doctor Whooves' part was really interesting! Trying to make him as close to the Doctor as possible without copyright infringement. I did not expect the allons-y from him, so that made me smile! I never thought Derpy would talk again, and the writers did make a risk having her play a major part, but I guess not mentioning her name and not having her sound stupid helps. Also, her fixing up her lazy eye, I guess she's aware on how the soccer moms reacted so she's improving herself! I'm proud of her, but also pity her at the same time.

The bowling scene was also interesting, especially when the Doctor is pretty serious with his science and also pretending that he never heard the word "man" before. It's like a further nod to humans being myths in the MLP universe. I'm glad that the writers were being careful with the BG ponies names in this episode, but this episode makes Lyra and Bonnies names canon in this series, but it would seem that "Bon Bon" and "Sweetie Drops" are canon names for her, so that's pretty clever! Now I know they kept saying they're "just friends", but you can tell they have some kind of affair by the way they act towards one another. See, that's what I don't like, making stupid ships from the fandom canon. I don't have a problem with same-sex relationships, don't get me wrong, but I just don't think they should be in one just by the fandom's say so. If the writers made them like that and not the fandom, then it's fine, but they started off just regular friends in the first few seasons of the series. I think DHX is taking way too much consideration into the fandom.

I never expected to see Steven Magnet again! He should appear in the series more often, I like him! Him being friends with Cranky fits in the story. The Mane Six's part of the series was alright. I mean I was hoping they wouldn't appear because, hey, can we have just one episode without a single Mane Six member appearing in? :3 But I was pretty interested in seeing almost every side-character appear in this episode! If only Granny Smith appeared though. :( Now I don't have much to say about Vinyl's and Octy's part other than it was pretty interesting.

So I pretty much really enjoyed this episode! The only thing I was really upset about is Merry May not having any dialogue in this episode. Oh well, she isn't that popular in the fandom. I hope she talks in the series someday, this season hopefully. I mean she had more of a probability of talking in the series than Derpy was! I mean, I love Merry, she's my favorite BG pony! But other than that, I liked the episode! I'm pretty excited for next week's though. I hope to get the number one thing I want for that episode. :)

Now I expected to have at least one bingo slot filled in this episode. Oh well. -shrugs-

FANMADE MLP Season 5 Bingomega