Alright, so we have our final episode before the hiatus: Spice Up Your Life! Big Jim tells us to go outside. Well my GTA Online character walked outside of his apartment so there! Alright so time to discuss my opinion on this episode!

It is sooooo good to have the Cutie Map back! That means we're gonna have a Twilight and Rainbow Dash episode this season, and a Fluttershy and Applejack episode; or a Twilight and Applejack episode, and a Rainbow and Fluttershy episode - one of those! So we have another Pinkie and Rarity episode this season! If The Gift of the Maud Pie didn't exist, this episode would mark the bingo! You know what? I'm gonna mark it twice! At first I wasn't too thrilled since Rarity's been having more episodes than the other Mane Six. No, I don't think there's too much Rarity, you can never have enough Rarity! However, what we don't have is enough of the Mane Five! ;) They need to catch up with her! So Pinkie and Rare are a good pair for this episode! Really shows how their uniqueness can attract other ponies if they're doing the right job, so that makes a really good moral actually!

The Indian restaurant theme was so unique, and that song... that song there... it's so far the best song in the season because its unique genre, which is way different from most of the other songs from this series! A Rarity and Pinkie duet no less! Nice giving Shannon and Kazumi both a chance to shine together in this episode! That leaves more room for a Spike song later this season! :D I loved the Indian ponies, and I really want to see them again! These ponies get the green light to be added to the list of ponies that should return to the series! Speaking of that, I was hoping to see Sassy Saddles in here, but oh well. Didn't really bother me. I'm sure she'll have a cameo some other time this season. I'd rather have Babs appear more though. I could live without Sassy for a season or two. ;) Just give her another appearance before the series ends... please? I said please, I ain't forcing.

I really didn't like that new pony that judges all the restaurants! Not only was she uptight and rude, but also ugly! She ugly, man! But I suppose that was the point of her - to be hated, much like Zephyr Breeze, but I liked him though! Was that Gordon Ramzy I saw in the crowd? ;) Guild called it! And I suppose some of you also did call it too, but I don't remember. :P If I forgot you, I apologize. I loved the Starlight cameo in here! However, lately it seemed Spike seemed to point out her flaws alot more than supporting her. I thought they were supposed to be pretty close friends? Or maybe they are, and Spike was just humoring her! ;) I'll say the latter because it helps me feel alot better. :3

So anyways, awesome episode! The hiatus doesn't bother me one bit! I just hope I get some of the things I really want for the second half of the season. Not everything, obviously, but at least some of the important ones: like a Spike and Starlight episode, Spike song, and Babs appearing. Those are pretty much the three things I'm hoping for most, but if I had to pick one, I would have to go with the Spike song. :3

So anyways, thank you everyone for staying tuned to my opinion posts, if you liked it... punch the comment section in the face, like a boss! And, bro-hooves all around! Psch! Psch! Thank you everyone, and I'll see all you dudes... in the next post! :D

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