Well first off, Tanks for the Memories is an awesome title! Nice reference to Fall Out Boy. ;) This episode was FULL of references! Grinch smirk for example, and when life gives you lemons... make life take the lemons back! Get mad! >:D No Rainbow didn't say that, but I immediately thought of Cave Johnson when she did. XD Also those three ponies talking was definitely a reference to "Who's on first?" The humor in this episode was incredible! But for all the humor that it contained, there were alot of feels too, which I'll get to in a sec.

Rainbow Dash REALLY doesn't want to get rid of Tank. It seems only yesterday that she didn't even WANT Tank as a pet, and thought he'd be an embarrassment to her! Now their relationship has grown two-fold! BIG TIME! Rainbow really wanted to go out of her way and break the law by trespassing into the Cloudsdale Cloud Factory and destroy things just to stop winter. I'm surprised she wasn't arrested for trespass. Unless, of course, Rainbow actually works there. Since Rainbow is in charge of weather in Ponyville, she should have sudden clearance to the factory, but still, it should dock her pay then. :3 The destruction was pretty epic, and it provides a well-made story! You know what else was adorable in here? When Rainbow Dash was depressed while laying on her bed with Tank, Rainbow was wearing Tortoise slippers and Tank was wearing Rainbow Dash slippers! It was adorable! XD

The song, I liked the song in this episode! I called it! I knew Rainbow's solo was going to be on this episode! Didn't I say that? I did say that, didn't I? :D And I'm pretty amazed by it too! Life gives you lemons... burn the house down! Mwah ha ha! >:D So yeah, so far the song is my favorite in the season so far!

Cool! Spike has his own room at the castle! Now he doesn't have to sleep with Twilight anymore! ^_^ It was nice to see that!

So yeah, so far this is my favorite episode in the season! Cindy sure did come back with a BANG! Literary! XD Alot of lulz, alot of feels, alot of references, Spike having a decent part, exactly how I like my MLP! One thing that I didn't get in this episode was, where were the other Mane Six's pets that hibernate? Angel should be hibernating as well!

Also, I might have a possible bingo slot filled soon! A main character leaving the show for some of the season! I mean, Tank isn't considered a main character, but if Tank leaves for a decent amount of time, and is shown coming back, then I'll fill in that slot. So this bingo slot is really a multiple episode type of situation, so the first step of it is completed!

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