Alright, brahs! Who's ready for the biggest episode of the season?! :D I say that because this is the episode everyone's been waiting for (other than A Royal Problem)! :D Before I start, I should say, THIS... this episode should've been the mid-season finale instead of Not Asking for Trouble! While that episode was indeed good, I don't think it was worthy of being a mid-season finale. This one does! It makes an amazing halfway point! Next season, hopefully we'll have 13 episodes, hiatus, then the last 13! But if the pattern continues, the hiatus'll probably start after episode 10! XD

I also like the Apple's ways of having breakfast for dinner! My dad tried that out once for us! Since we need the energy more in the mornings, we have dinner for breakfast, lunch for lunch, and a little breakfast for dinner (or Tea Time as the British call it)! Applejack and Big Mac's reactions to the pear jam Apple Bloom got was hilarious! Granny Smith wasn't a bit suspicious, much like in Where the Apple Lies, and I gotta say, Granny wouldn't know if anything's being hidden from her even if it sat on her face! XD So just like everyone in the fandom's been thinking, the Apple family has a problem with the Pear family, and they have feud over something stupid like which fruit is better. This kind of might reference the past because the older people didn't have much tolerance to a particular group of people in the past, mainly because they were brought up that way. Of course the kids, as hipster as they are, go their own ways into not knowing that particular group is unliked unless they met 'em, much like in Bridle Gossip and The Times They Are A Changeling! That's why the kids are our future, and it's important if they're brought up right!

But that wasn't the biggest highlight of the episode! I know what you're thinking, "Sean, that wasn't the highlight of the episode? But you wrote a whole paragraph on it!" Brah, please! :P I write the first thing that comes to my head all the time! Then again, you probably weren't thinking that because I'm sure you already watched the episode before reading this! XD Bright Mac and Pear Butter... where do I begin with that? Well, first off, what were the odds of seeing the Apple parents in this show? I mean I didn't doubt it, but I say that every time people think it's unlikely for Spike's parents to appear, since of course that'll be sensitive subject much like the Apple parents! We finally learn about them, in a Romeo and Juliet sort of fashion (except without the suicide). Now the looks and characteristics of these two were really similar to those of AJ, Big Mac, and Apple Bloom! First off, you can tell Bright Mac looks exactly like Big Mac and shares a similar name to him, and he has the colors of Apple Bloom, and... well, I'm not gonna say AJ's hat because after Made in Manehattan when AJ could simply replace her hat after destroying it, I'd rather not say that was originally her dad's hat. Pear Butter, she shares the freckles of AJ, and the guitar skills of AJ too; plus Apple Bloom's singing talent and helping others find their purpose! Uhhh... I don't see anything Big Mac-relayed about her though. I guess the dad has everything in that regard!

Wow, already on my fourth paragraph? Usually this is where I type the conclusion, but I have ALOT more to say about this episode! The parents... wow if that wasn't love, I dunno what is! :O You're In My Head Like a Catchy Song kind of summed it all up - and that song is very hard to compete against The Pony I Want to Be, The Magic Inside, and A Changeling Can Change! I'm definitely adding that to my Top 5, and so far my favorite song in the season! Plus the way they flirted, most Romantic Comedies ain't got nothin' on that! Their bond really made me smile! Plus the way Pear Butter decided to disown Grand Pear and the rest of her old family just to be with the love of her life took guts! I wouldn't want my children to disown me, which is why I would always support them in everything they'd do as long as it's legal! This episode also brought great use of recurring characters such as Goldie Delicious, Mrs. Cake, and Mayor Mare! Got some backstory of Mrs. Cake herself, and of course the mayor in her pink hair still! Also we got a cameo of Mare in the Moon! The Lady Writers really know their continuity! It was very risky to write this episode, I'm sure, but they pulled it off nicely! We can just assume that the Apple parents passed away because of the way everyone was talking, but of course since this is a kid's show, Hasbro didn't want to take any chances. We can only assume what happened to them pretty much, since it's very risky for the show to pull something off like that!

So, I really didn't cry when I watched this to be perfectly honest, but I was close! It was a really touching story, and it did touch my heart (inappropriately, I'm gonna sue c:). But in all seriousness, I absolutely LOVED this episode! I think this one is my favorite for the season so far, but the season is only half done! :O Can't wait to see how the rest of the season turns out! And with that, that's ALL of the Mane Six's parents! Now all we need is Scootaloo's parents, Spike's parents, and Starlight Glimmer's parents to be revealed in the show! Next season, I'm sure! There's only so many feels the fandom can take! ;) Kudos for William Shatner and Felicia Day for offering their voices for here! They were fantastic! With Grand Pear moved back to Ponyville, could William come back to voice more of him? We can only hope! :D

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