Ok... this episode... it's the episode I've been waiting for, for a very long time! Was I disappointed? Well, I'll let you know when I review The Times They Are a Changeling! :D

Now the first thing I was excited about when I saw this episode was, "Yay, Starlight's coming along!" I thought she was gonna stay behind and Sunburst actually came to Ponyville to visit her! But that's not the case - it seems that it was a typo and Starlight was actually the one coming along! Even though she didn't play much of a major role, I do believe she's there for a reason! I'll get into that later.

For now, I gotta say that this episode definitely beats Gauntlet of Fire for first place this season; and this beats Equestria Games for best Spike episode! All that's happened in this episode, I adored! It was nice seeing Cadance and Twilight doing their dance again, and I liked seeing Flurry Heart again! I expected this episode to be more of a Starlight episode, since it sounds like she would be the one to befriend the Changeling, but having Spike be the one to do is even better! Spike and Thorax really do have something in common - outskirts of their own kind to live among the ponies! Spike was really good in this episode! Probably the best I seen so far! Him not feeling confident to stand up to Thorax when it was too late was pretty realistic, since it's tough to stand up for even yourself when everypony is feeling very serious and eager.

This episode also had it's humor - like the Loony Tunes and Scooby Doo references in the caves! Also Spike did have alot of humor when it came to his ego, and talking to a rock! Those guards were also pretty hilarious! We also got some changeling backstory, and a cameo form Queen Chrysalis! That changeling hatching part was a wee-bit creepy, but those baby changelings are pretty adorable! What was really big on this episode was that every pony didn't like the changeling cause they thought he was evil. The racism is strong in this episode, and Shining looked really serious about it! Didn't know MLP could go so deep, but they did! However, what's different between this and Bridle Gossip, is that the ponies had bad experiences with the changelings, so not trusting this one does seem a bit more realistic than not trusting Zecora. All the changeling wants is to blend in, and thanks to Spike, he got it!

What really got me into the episode was the song! That's a bingo slot! It was a really good song too! A very sweet one as well, and it's all I really wanted from him! It was very heartwarming, and if you look in the BG, the song kinda touched Starlight a bit! She relates to Thorax's situation, and struggled to be accepted! This really further's my theory that both Spike and Starlight's episodes this season is the season's arc! Which means we might see Thorax in the finale! This is turning out to be the best season in the series so far, especially for Spike! I'm so proud of him! :D

I also got another bingo space filled, cause seeing this and Gauntlet of Fire has something to do with Spike making friends with a creature that doesn't get along with ponies, that's an arc coming! I know it! So two bingo spaces filled! I can't wait to see everyone who reviews this episode on YouTube, and I can't wait for Dungeons & Discords next week! :D

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