Sup brahs? Guess who's back? Yep! Hurricane Matthew did not directly hit us, so everything alright! Was there any doubt though? ;) It doesn't hurt to be too prepared though. Ok I got three reviews to make for each of these remaining episodes, so let's start off with this one!

So it's an Apple family episode! Every season's gotta have one! Some time to shine with Applejack, Big Mac, Granny Smith, and Apple Bloom! Only difference is, Apple Bloom didn't do much. She started up the plot though but didn't get many appearances. It's quite upsetting that the Cutie Mark Crusaders didn't get a chance to all have an appearance at the very end of the season. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo's last appearance this season was The Fault in Our Cutie Marks which was waaaaay back there! So, yeah, I'm kinda upset with the lack of CMCs this season, but I'll talk about that when I do my season review. AJ, Big Mac, and Granny all had a chance to shine in this episode! We got to see some backstory on them! Trying to figure out how AJ came with the value of honesty was an incredible idea! I also never expected Big Mac to talk so much in his youth! I guess it explains why he turned so quiet! It's very interesting! Apple Bloom wasn't around though, and quite surprisingly, neither were the Apple parents. I could've sworn they would appear in here, and I know alot of us did! I know they couldn't have passed away yet, because Apple Bloom wasn't around. She probably wasn't born yet. Doesn't make much sense to me. I hope we get an answer someday in the future of the series.

It's nice including the zap apple jam from Family Appreciation Day and the cider from The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 in one episode! Do they take place in the same season? I mean yeah, they were both in season 2, but right next to each other? Perhaps, unless the seasons are random and both of the seasons just seem to take place right next to each other out of pure coincidence. Nice having Filthy Rich play a major role again! I know alot of people agree with me when I say that pony Filthy Rich and human Filthy Rich are two very different people, personality-wise. While pony Filthy Rich turns out to be such a kind and caring pony, human Filthy Rich is just greedy and would do anything to make more money. I mean yeah, the ponies and the humans are very different in many ways. I've said that before in an earlier post. Nice of using of putting Spoiled... Milk in here? Ok, I'm sure you should just read everyone else's reviews, and they'll say what I'm thinking about that. Only thing I have to add in that regard is that I was so afraid Chantal Strand wouldn't get two VA roles this season with the lack of Diamond Tiara, since Chantal usually gets two episodes per season. I dunno what Filthy sees in Spoiled though.

Now I gotta say, as much as this story is overused about lying and lying and lying some more, this was still a pretty good episode! An oldie but a goodie! Seeing how AJ could just make stuff up about Granny on the stop is amazing! I can't do that! I'd just studder! AJ is pretty creative, isn't she? After all that AJ did in this episode acting super suspicious, I'm surprised she wasn't found out sooner! Granny was pushed into her kitchen dropping all the food, kinda weird having Granny with her eyes closed during the whole story within a story about apple blight, and let's not forget when AJ pushed Granny into the broom closet! Oh, did you get the broom closet ending? The broom closet ending was my FAVORITE! Yeah, in real life, AJ would've been found out long before the ending! :P And it took until Big Mac was about to get his leg cut off for AJ to find out that enough is enough. Hey, we've seen Equestria do worse. It's like Granny got away with impersonating a doctor or anything like that! :P

So the main highlights of this episode for me were Big Mac being called by his full name finally, 80s Cheerilee (and Big Mac staring at her), and so many BG elements such as "come play with us, Granny!", and then there's Derpy with the bandages over her eyes. Huh... I mean, Derpy had the derp-eyes since she was a filly, so what did this mean? She was trying to fix her eyes and it failed? Also she looks older than AJ in here! Is Derpy actually older than the Mane Six? It would seem like it! So now that we got AJ's backstory on how she decided to be honest, are we gonna get an episode for Rarity or Rainbow Dash about how they became generous or loyal? I know the rest of the Mane Six were explained back in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, like Pinkie Pie is laughter cause she wanted to spread her smiles. Anyways! That was an awesome episode Dave Rapp! Hope you come back to write for the show again soon! :D

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