Before I begin I just have to mention one thing first: Guild said "would you kindly" on Thursday! XD Oh man! References on other stuff that's not part of this wiki is always fun to see! XD Alright, well, we have our first CMC episode of the season: On Your Marks!

So this episode turned out very different from what I was expecting. I expected it to be more like my story. My version of this episode was the complete opposite of this actually! There are too many ponies that keep asking the CMCs for help, which pretty much tire them out, and the CMCs have to teach the other ponies that they can't be the answer to their cutie mark problems all the time. Perhaps we might get something like that later on, but for now, whoopy-doo! My version also had the backstories of the cutie marks of Silver Spoon, Snips, and Snails, and probably Featherweight, but I don't remember. Also the song I had featured all the CMCs, not just Apple Bloom, and also Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara played a major part. Still reformed, but DT is still kinda stubborn here and there. Of course this is all just my version. Let's get back to the canon version!

I like how the episode began! The CMCs are still psyched over the fact they already have their CMs, even though they're not used to it yet. When Sweetie Belle said "did you say something?" I thought she was talking to her cutie mark and not Apple Bloom! XD Butts played a major part in the beginning too. Makes you wonder if it's still a kid's show! XD So as expecting, the CMCs try to look for ponies who need helping in getting their CMs like the Cake babies (which BTW, why are they still babies? Shouldn't they be, like, at least one by now?), or helping ponies find their purpose like Big Mac (who obviously doesn't need it), and then finally came Bulk Biceps (Yeah!) which a CM problem finally. The CMCs solved it, but Apple Bloom feels unsatisfied. For Wizard of Feeling's sake, nothing is too perfect for you, huh AB? So the episode turns out to be not about finding ponies that need help, but about what to do in their spare time. It's a very good idea for a CMC episode! I mean, I haven't thought of it, and the idea didn't seem too appealing at first, but after seeing Scootaloo's long-lost twin brother that she didn't know existed needed CM, it made me realize the moral: free time can lead to great accomplishments, like helping a pony get his CM! That's a very good moral! Very original! Did I learn that moral from this episode though? No, I didn't, I already knew it. ;) Oh well, hopefully I'll learn a friendship moral this season so I can add it to the bingo. You know it still impresses me how much the CMC's voices have changed since season 1! Here's something about the CMCs that don't make sense though: they can't think of anything they did that hasn't anything to do with their cutie marks, but the fact is, they did, so many times! Scootaloo attempting to fly, the Sisterhooves Social, Sweetie Belle with the play, proving to Applejack she doesn't need to help, I can go on! Apple Bloom was scary in this episode with her being alone in the dark. I'm sure alot of us can relate to that. :3 She kinda reminded me of Diamond Tiara for a second there.

What I really liked in this episode is the amount of side characters that appeared in this episode! Mrs. Cake, Big Mac, the Cake babies, Filthy Rich, Mayor Mare, Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara, Twist, Zecora, Cheerilee, and even Tree Hugger! Another nudity joke, huh? Well I expected that from Tree Hugger. She seemed the naturist type. ;) I also really liked the ballerina pony with the Russian accent! I had the feeling a Russian pony would be there soon! What's next? A Chinese pony? I hope so! Indian? Irish? Wait, the Breezies were Irish, right? Or was it Scottish? I have no clue. I also liked the new song! Who knew the first song in the season would be a sad song though? Or it was just AB singing it? This episode more or less turned out to be an Apple Bloom episode all together, not just CMC. Apple Bloom's been hogging all the episodes, we need an episode starring Sweetie Belle, and one starring Scoots. Luckily, my story's got that! Also one more thing about the song, the beginning sounded like Luna's theme from Bear in the Big Blue House. Do you hear it? Let me know if you do!

Unpopular opinion: I kinda liked last week's episode better, but this one was still alright. This was the first episode without a single main character appearing! Didn't expect that! Does this take place during Gauntlet of Fire maybe? I dunno. Rarity taught Sweetie Belle to sew, so if this does take place during Gauntlet of Fire, Rarity's not one of the captured ponies. It's weird that Sweetie Belle is teaching the CMCs how to sing even though Apple Bloom can sing just fine, as shown later. Plus, those yodels weren't even their yodels. They were probably yodeling so bad they needed to edit the clip! XD I never thought Scoots would like something better than scootering, also Sweetie Belle, we all knew you sucked at sewing since The Show Stoppers! ;)

Alright, well, that's the episode! It was a very good episode! Not as good as I wanted it to be, but still pretty good! Great actually! I liked my chapter better pretty much. Both of them still had CMC development, so I'm still glad this episode happened! Can't wait till next week! Spike will finally get what he deserves: an episode everyone will enjoy! :D

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