Just got finished with Applejack episodes, Rarity episodes, and then Pinkie episodes, so now we're ready to do some Rainbow Dash episodes! :D I don't have many ideas for her, and of course you're seeing some repeated synopsises from past blogs! ;) Now just like before, I would like to see your ideas too!

  • Rainbow Rescued – After Fluttershy saves Rainbow Dash’s life from a cragadile, Rainbow feels that her ego is in jeopardy and tells everypony she saved Fluttershy.
  • Windy with a Chance of Lightning – The Wonderbolts summon Rainbow Dash and her old cadet team to assist them in finding the ponies responsible for sabotaging their shows.
  • 'There’s No ‘I’ In Team – The Cutie Map summons Rainbow Dash and Applejack to Baltimare to help their Equestria Games team the meaning of being a team.
  • One Flew Over the Scootaloo Nest – When Scootaloo becomes depressed fearing that she’ll never be able to fly, Rainbow Dash signs her up for Junior Speedsters Flight Camp and they meet another flightless pegasus.
  • Daughter From Another Mother – When Scootaloo spends way too much time with Rainbow Dash’s parents, Rainbow Dash starts to get jealous.
  • Weather or Not – When Rainbow Dash is way too busy in the Wonderbolts to perform her weather duties in Ponyville anymore, she searches for some pegasi to take over; but she has a hard time trusting other ponies to do the job well.
  • Two Betrayals – After finding out that the griffons and the cyclopes have gone to war, it’s up to Twilight, Pinkie, and Rainbow to resolve the conflict; but with the ponies being allied with both races, they force the ponies to choose sides.
  • The Cloudsdale Colts – When the Cutie Map summons Rainbow Dash and Rarity to Cloudsdale, they try to help a quartet known as the Cloudsdale Colts reunite with their leading vocalist who is promised a record deal to go solo.
  • Try At A Ton – After Applejack gets injured before the Equestria Triathlon, Rainbow Dash decides to take her place and do all she could to make sure she wins for her friend.

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