I know people wanted the Spike episode ideas list next, but I think it's too early for that. So we'll do Rarity episodes next! Don't worry, there's a Spike episode in here! ;) I don't have that much Rarity though, not as much as AJ; and definitely not as much as Pinkie! I have ALOT of Pinkie episodes! I'll do her after this!

Now here are my Rarity episodes, but hopefully you'll have some Rarity episodes to share this time. I don't wanna be selfish and just share mine, so please share yours! Even if you don't think they're worth sharing, I'd like to see them! Starting off with bad episodes would train you to thinking of better ones! Anyways, here's mine!

  • Holder’s Boulder – When Rarity visits the Pie family farm by request of Limestone Pie to decorate Holder’s Boulder, it mysteriously goes missing the next day, and Limestone believes it to be a curse.
  • The Manehattan Project – A rival store runned by Suri Polomare opens across the street from Rarity's Manehattan expansion, so Rarity pushes her employees over the limit to make sure she doesn't lose business to her.
  • Crush Depth – On Hearts and Hooves Day, after Spike finally decides to ask Rarity out, she hesitatingly declines it. After seeing Spike get rejected, Sweetie Belle decides to take her place out of pity.
  • The Cloudsdale Colts – When the Cutie Map summons Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Rarity to Cloudsdale, they try to help a quartet known as the Cloudsdale Colts reunite with their leading vocalist who is promised a record deal to go solo.
  • Roasted Sister – When Sweetie Belle decides to sign up for Equestria Idol, Rarity becomes worried that her sister would become roasted by the judges, so she decides to cheat by having Starlight take control of the judges.
  • All Work and No Play – With Rarity’s three boutiques all becoming a huge success, Rarity has been too busy to hang out with her friends and family anymore. Even when the Cutie Map calls for her, she knows her business comes first.
  • My Biggest Pony – Applejack and Rarity's old friend from school returns to Ponyville for a visit; but when ponies avoid her because she's bigger than the average pony, her friends must show everypony how kind she truly is.
  • Melodrama – Octavia asks for Rarity's help to set up a concert for Ponyville, but her band has different ideas on how the concert should be performed.
  • Reserve this spot for a Twilight/Rarity episode once I think of one.

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