I still need to write my Gauntlet of Fire review, but I promised someone I'd watch the episode again with them so after that I'll write it. I know I got a bingo slot filled there, so I'll be updating it in a bit!

Now I gotta say, I am loving season six so far! I think Josh Haber becoming head-writer might've been the best thing ever! He really knows what the fans want (or at least what I want, but judging by the reviews I've seen, the fans)! So many different possibilities this season!

We have two Spike episodes coming up, and after all he's been doing, this season is probably gonna be as big for him as season 5 was for the Cutie Mark Crusaders! We might have Trixie coming back next episode after so long! Rainbow Dash is finally gonna be a Wonderbolt, and there might be a slight possibility of Lightning Dust and Wind Rider coming back! If this does happen, we'll have for the first time returning antagonists appearing three episodes in a row! Judging by the Facebook image from the MLP page, we're most likely having Babs Seed back soon! Fluttershy has a brother, so more character-development for her! Suri Polomare might come back in Saddle Row & Rec, and probably Coco Pommel too, and hopefully Sassy Saddles but only as a minor role.

I swear, this season is probably going to beat season 4 as my favorite season! If we have Spike sing, Fluttershy having a lot more screen-time, Shining Armor and Big Mac meeting, Spike and CMCs interacting a little more, Merry May having just a smallfocused-dialogued part, and of course everything I've already said I'm hoping for, it's going to be really hard to beat this season!

KillRoy might be right seeing how everything is coming along. This season, and next season is probably going to be the final seasons with the movie concluding it all. If all goes well, I'll accept that, because I'll be satisfied! :) If the show continues on, then ok, that's cool! But if I get everything I asked for, there won't be much to hope for. XD

What do you really hope for this season?