Well since Smv18 did this, I suddenly got in the mood to doing it too. Now don't get your hypes up, I might've been right about alot of things this season, but who's to say it would happen all the time? So now it's my turn! Special thanks to Smv for the idea of this blog post, and for the Scootaloo episode name! Also thanks to Imperfect for episode 24's idea! :D

  • S6E13 - The Fast and the Infuriating: When Rainbow Dash gets injured, Applejack volunteers to take her place in the Equestria's Kingdom-Wide Marathon, and promises to win for her.
  • S6E14 The Un-marked Ones: When the Cutie Mark Crusaders take a trip to Manehattan to visit fellow crusader Babs Seed, they find out that she doesn't hang with her former crusader friends anymore.
  • S6E15 - The Forgotten One: When Discord finds out another former-baddy is receiving more attention from the Mane Six than him, he tries to make her evil again.
  • S6E16 - The Fault of our Cutie Marks: Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash are sent by the Cutie Map to the Arlmaspi Territory to solve the conflict between the cyclopses and griffons, unknowing that the cyclopses have captured a griffon with a rare side-effect.
  • S6E17 - The Assistant and the Pupil: When Spike starts to become close friends with Starlight Glimmer, she causes him to believe negative rumors about what his other friends really think of him.
  • S6E18 - One Flew Over the Scootaloo Nest: When Scootaloo tries desperately to learn how to fly, Rainbow Dash decides to sign her up for Cloudsdale Flight Camp.
  • S6E19 - Crouching Ponies, Hidden Dragon: Princess Ember summons Spike and his friends to assist her in negotiating with the water dragons. During the negotiation, Spike makes a shocking discovery that forces him to make a choice.
  • S6E20 - Darling Little Angel: When Fluttershy finally snaps at Angel for being a spoiled little bunny, it scares him into becoming well-behaved.
  • S6E21 - Applewood Friendship Squad: Applejack and Fluttershy are sent by the Cutie Map to Applewood where a movie actress doesn't agree with the part she has in a movie. Meanwhile, Applejack's family vacation is long overdo, so Applejack brings her family along without them even knowing that it's a business trip.
  • S6E22 - ???: Can't think of one for here yet.
  • S6E25 - The Next Generation - Part 1: Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings have teamed up with other evil forces to attack Equestria, so Equestria along with the other nations they allied with must help defend their land.
  • S6E26 - The Next Generation - Part 2: After Equestria has been overwelmed, and the Elements of Harmony have failed to work, it is up to Starlight Glimmer and the friends she made as Twilight Sparkle's student to make the power of friendship even stronger than before.