Crystal main ponies no Twilight S3E2

Have any of you wondered if there were some ponies in Equestria that are actually part crystal pony? You know, before the King Sombra outbreak, maybe a few crystal ponies were outside the empire when it happened, and when the kingdom disappeared, only a few crystal ponies remained, and after all those centuries with no Crystal Empire, their shininess begins to short out and after having regular Equestrian ponies as spouses, no mere pony was seen with a crystal coat, that is, unless they are recharged with the heart, after the decedents of those escaped crystal ponies returned to the empire and find out they're part crystal pony in their DNA, do you think something like this possible?

Think about it. What if one of the Mane Six characters all this time was part crystal pony because of their ancestry? What if Pinkie Pie was actually part crystal pony? It would actually explain the hair. Pinkie's coat gets darker and her mane deflates when she's sad, so do the crystal ponies. If Pinkie is happy and full of love, her hair inflates and her coat lights up. It makes perfect sense! Would the writers make an episode about this? Who knows? Who... *flicks nose* ...knows? It would make a pretty interesting story! Perhaps if the writers decide to make seasons focusing on one Mane Six character that's not Twilight, that might make a possible story!