Alright, after thinking that Spike might've been replaced by Starlight in Fame and Misfortune, I'm starting to think that the writers might have other highlights for Spike this season that would make up for this strange yet fitting replacement. Now we all know Triple Threat is his next episode, and by the looks of things, it'll most likely be really good for him! I know some people don't think, but eh what do they know? With all that Spike did in season 6, the Wings Over Yakyakistan comic series, and this episode coming up, it would seem that Spike is getting set up as a friendship ambassador! Since Pinkie already taken the yak position, Spike would get the dragon and changeling position, and this episode might just be that! It's that ambassador position some of us have been waiting for!

Now no other episodes for him this season have been confirmed yet, but in certain particular episodes before episode 24, it seems Spike might have some highlighting moments in To Change a Changeling, Isn't the Mane Thing About You, and Once Upon a Zeppelin! In To Change a Changeling, it said Starlight and Trixie are gonna be the ones trying to reform Thorax's brother, but it didn't say who was going with them to the Changeling kingdom all together! Spike could be there being the changeling ambassador and hanging out with Thorax, while Starlight and Trixie fix the problem with Thorax's brother! It's not a Spike episode, and he ain't they key, but it would make some awesome Spike/Thorax interaction cause I really love their friendship!

Isn't the Mane Thing About You, I think Spike would outgrow Rarity's mane being the reason he likes her so much, and it would develop their relationship a bit if he was the one to tell Rarity how she would remain beautiful with or without a mane! It would give the crush meaning again, at least for now! The meaning that hasn't been used since Inspiration Manifestation, cause that was the last time I thought the crush was cute.

In Once Upon a Zeppelin, Spike could go with Twilight and her family on the cruise, not as an assistant, but as a family member relaxing on vacation! And this could prove whether or not Spike is actually part of their family! This is REALLY needed! Spike doesn't have a biological family, and it's very unlikely for his family to be revealed this season regardless of this being a family themed season. So the next best thing is, let's see how Spike is with Twilight's family!

And finally, so that Spike isn't left with one episode this season like in season 5, Uncommon Bond should belong to him! I'm not sure who he's going to be sharing this episode with, but since it's most likely a Mane Six finale afterwards, it would be nice to give Spike something before the season ends!

So what do you think about this? Any of these highlights probable to you? You got any better theories on how Spike is gonna be treated for the rest of this season? If not this season, how about making it up to him for season 8? Now, I said these are POSSIBLE. I didn't confirm any of these! They just seem likely to me!