Just got finished with Applejack episodes, Rarity episodes, Pinkie episodes, Rainbow episodes, Fluttershy episodes, and then Discord episodes, and now... the moment we've all been waiting: Spike episodes! :D Now just like before, I would like to see your ideas too! Don't bother posting 'em though if you're gonna make a Princess Spike-like summary! :P

  • Accidents Happen Too Much – After Spike makes the biggest mistake of his life by ruining the friendship summit in Twilight’s castle, Spike decides to run away from home thinking the world would be better off without him. Luna persuades him otherwise, showing him a world without him.
  • The Ambassadorial Party – During Equestria’s first alliance friendship summit in Canterlot, Spike and Pinkie Pie are left in charge to make sure all of Equestria’s allies get along.
  • Freedom of the Phoenix – As Spike and Fluttershy try to take care of a lost baby phoenix, it reminds Spike of the day Fluttershy persuaded him to let his phoenix friend Peewee go.
  • Crush Depth – On Hearts and Hooves Day, after Spike finally decides to ask Rarity out, she hesitatingly declines it. After seeing Spike get rejected, Sweetie Belle decides to take her place out of pity.
  • Genesis of the Dragon – During Ponyville’s annual Family Day, Ember summons Spike to the Dragon Lands to help her dragons gain an alliance with the water dragons; although, Spike suddenly realizes that the meeting has become more personal.
  • The Diary of Spike T. Dragon – When Spike has been spending so much time by himself, Starlight starts to get suspicious as of why. When she finds Spike’s diary, she finds out some shocking secrets about Spike that not even Twilight knows about.
  • Changeling Our Ways – When Starlight and Spike head over to the Changeling Kingdom to visit their friend Thorax, he asks them to help his changelings become more appealing to pony’s ways before Princess Celestia arrives for the first Changeling Friendship Summit.
  • The Hero Within – Spike gets summoned by the Cutie Map to the Crystal Empire when he finds out he has a fan club full of foals who cause trouble around the empire wanting to be like Spike. However, Spike must choose whether to let them continue, or to disappoint them. Meanwhile, Twilight gets worried that Spike won’t be able to handle an adventure without her.
  • Leg Up – When the Cutie Mark Crusaders accidentally cause Spike to get a broken leg without him knowing it was them, the crusaders decide to tend to his every request in hopes he doesn’t find out.
  • Shadow Admirers – When a couple of crystal ponies move to Ponyville to be closer to Spike, they start following him around making sure ponies give him the 'perfect treatment he deserves'.

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