Just got finished with Applejack episodes, Rarity episodes, Pinkie episodes, Rainbow episodes, Fluttershy episodes, Discord episodes, Spike episodes, and then Crusader episodes so now it's time for Starlight! Now just like before, I would like to see your ideas too!

  • All That Glimmers – When Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst get invited back to their home town for a village reunion, Starlight tries to make up a lie to her family of what she’s been doing since she left.
  • The Diary of Spike T. Dragon – When Spike has been spending so much time by himself, Starlight starts to get suspicious as of why. When she finds Spike’s diary, she finds out some shocking secrets about Spike that not even Twilight knows about.
  • Changeling Our Ways – When Starlight and Spike head over to the Changeling Kingdom to visit Thorax, he asks them to help his changelings become more appealing to pony’s ways before Princess Celestia arrives for the first Changeling Friendship Summit.
  • Against the World – When Starlight and Discord are sent by the Cutie Map to Tartarus, they have to rekindle the friendship between two prisoners who blame the other for the reason they were arrested.
  • Drained Away – When Starlight realizes her magic has caused her too much trouble and grief, she decides to drain her magic permanently by drinking one of Zecora’s magic drain potions.
  • Expanding Horizons – When Starlight promises Trixie, Sunburst, and Maud to hang out with them individually, she decides to have the four of them hang out together. Unfortunately, Starlight’s friends don’t seem to get along with each other well, in which Starlight decides to change. Uncommon Bond cancels this episode out.
  • Princess Starlight Glimmer – When Starlight realizes that Twilight wants her to become a princess, Starlight refuses to take on the responsibility and decides to leave Ponyville.
  • The Old Ways – A pony in Equal Town wants to go back to her old ways of being equal, and it causes Starlight Glimmer to feel uneasy and would want to put a stop to it.

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