Well, as you may all know, MLP Season 5 has been confirmed, and we'll be having approximately another 26 episodes of friendship and fun! Here's a list of stuff I'd like to see for the new season:

1. Since we didn't have Babs Seed this season, I'm hoping she'd come in season 5. Our best bet is if Cindy Morrow writes an episode that season, since Babs is Cindy's character.

2. I LOVED Pinkie Pride! It would be an honor to see Cheese Sandwich appear more often, and having Weird Al voicing him, just like John for Discord! And if Cheese comes back, I'm hoping for more polka melodies. And having Cheese shouting out the word HEY! in the song.

3. An episode starring Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I always liked it when these four bonded, and since they're all kids, it makes more sense, because kids mostly like to hang out with people their own age. It's about time Spike bonded with more ponies outside the Mane Six.

4. A Rainbow Dash and Spike episode. These two should totally have an episode together! They didn't bond enough, and I think it would interesting seeing them have an adventure, and see how they get along with it.

5. A Pinkie Pie and Rarity episode. These two are pretty much the only members of the Mane Six that didn't have an episode together yet. I was thinking of an episode where Pinkie needs money and Rarity offers money, and once Pinkie borrows the money, she becomes more awkward around Rarity, thinking she'd want her money back, but Pinkie doesn't have it, so she starts avoiding her, but since Rarity's generous, I don't think she cares when she gets her money back.

6. A main character gone for a quarter of the season. I had this idea that no one might expect. One of the main characters having to go away from Ponyville for a while because of something important, but the Mane Five keeps begging for that one character to stay, but they know it's not their decision to make, and they have to learn to let them go. A very hard friendship lesson this is, but they'll be back in time for the finale! I'm thinking this would happen later in the season. I'm not saying this would happen, but it's a good idea.

7. Princess Skyla. If you haven't noticed, Hasbro released a filly that looks a bit like Sweetie Belle, but I doubt that's her final form. :3 They released her before season 3 got released, and she's most likely the daughter of Shining Armor and Princess Cadance. I think it's about time we released her onto the show. It would help boost profits, Hasbro. ;) Doesn't make much sense making a toy for a character that doesn't even exist.

8. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon fight and go their separate ways. I've been waiting for an episode when those two have a huge argument and decide not to be friends anymore. We might learn a little bit from Silver Spoon, learning that she didn't want to be a bully. She does it to avoid being bullied, even though right now she seems like a side-kick to Diamond Tiara, and the CMCs are the only ones that can bring them back together.

9. Zecora's backstory. I know some of you talked about this already, and I agree. It's about time we learned more about the zebras, and where they're from.

10. Mareami, the ponified Miami. Where is a tropical city in Equestria when you need one?

11. Other characters returning like Maud Pie and Coco Pommel. I'm not desperate for those characters returning, but it would be nice.

That's all I got for now. What do you think? :D