Throughout the series, each character on MLP had their best episodes, and they had their worst episodes. In this blog I'm going to tell you which episode amongst these characters are my favorite, and which are my least favorite. Don't worry, if it's a 2-parter you like, you can count them both since they're both the same story. If it's an episode featuring two characters, they can count for that one character.

Twilight Sparkle

Best episode: Twilight's Kingdom - She was so epic in this finale! It was amongst her best!

Worst episode: The Hooffields and McColts - I just found this episode to be pretty boring. Twilight wasn't her best. She should've known better.

Pinkie Pie

Best episode: Pinkie Pride - Because Weird Al! Why else?

Worst episode: Too Many Pinkie Pies - One Pinkie Pie is enough.


Best episode: The Mane Attraction - Mainly because of Rara, but Applejack really shown herself to be a true friend, and we got to learn a bit about her backstory!

Worst episode: Somepony to Watch Over Me - Applejack seemed kinda annoying in this episode. Apple Bloom has proven already in the past that she could take care of herself, and then all the sudden she's so worried for her?

Rainbow Dash

Best episode: Tanks for the Memories - Alot of feels in that episode, and Rainbow showed every kind of emotion, and lastly her own song!

Worst episode: 28 Pranks Later - Rainbow being a big prankster seemed like a good idea for a story, but alot of her pranks seemed to be harsh to the point it could've killed somepony. This was where Rainbow was at her worst.


Best episode: Keep Calm and Flutter On - She had so much confidence for Discord and even taught me a great deal! I respected her greatly for it! It was also a hilarious episode.

Worst episode: It Ain't Easy Being Breezies - Fluttershy herself was ok in this episode, but I just didn't like the whole execution of it. I dunno why though, I just didn't. Turning the Mane Six into breezies seemed kinda ridiculous, that was one of the reasons.


Best episode: Rarity Investigates! - Season 5 was Rarity's best season! She had great confidence in Rainbow Dash and her attention to detail saved her career in the Wonderbolts! Her costume changes were pretty funny too.

Worst episode: Sweet and Elite - Rarity was so full of herself in this episode and got away with it. Plus Spike wasn't even invited to Twilight's Birthday. What gives? The song was good though.


Best episode: The Times They Are A Changeling - Spike befriended a changeling! I mean did anyone see that coming? I sure didn't! He was really awesome in here! He had his first full song in the series, and he did what nopony else could: he taught Cadance a friendship lesson! Proved she wasn't perfect! Plus Starlight was in here, so bonus points for that too! Also it turns out if Spike didn't befriend Thorax, the events of the season 6 finale would've turned out to be much more different!

Worst episode: Princess Spike - This seemed to be just a repeat of some of his past episodes. Are they running out of ideas for him? He doesn't have to keep screwing things up all the time.

Apple Bloom

Best episode: Bloom & Gloom - We really got into how Apple Bloom feels about not having a cutie mark, and it's also shown the different possibilities what would happen if she did get it.

Worst episode: Stare Master - This was the weakest episode for all of the crusaders. She were pretty annoying mostly in it. But hey, it was among their first.

Sweetie Belle

Best episode: For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils - Sweetie Belle is a pretty awesome character when she's by herself. She shown alot of emotion in here!

Worst episode: Stare Master - Ditto.


Best episode: Sleepless in Ponyville - This was the start-up of her relationship with Rainbow Dash. It was such an adorable episode, and it was also the first episode focused mainly on Scootaloo herself. Gave her alot of new character and all that! You know, I chose every Luna dream episode for each of the crusaders' best episodes. How ironic!

Worst episode: Stare Master - Ditto.

Alright, so how about you? What was your favorite episode with these characters, and what was your least favorite?