I'm thinking of updating my season 5 bingo with this. Twilight, I like Twilight! She's a cool pony! She's very inspirational! She knows how to get the jobs done, and without her friends, she wouldn't ever succeed. Now I don't blame Twilight for this; she doesn't expect any of it. Twilight is Celestia's student, and I can also understand that. For the past two seasons though, it would seem that Twilight is actually the one figuring everything out, and she's the only one getting rewarded. In seasons 1 and 2, all of the Mane Six equally have been praised, and have been rewarded the Elements of Harmony. Now... now it seems Twilight's getting the fame, and is always the one figuring everything out on the season premieres and finales.

Twilight becomes a princess, she gets a new castle... I know the Mane Six all power the castle, but Twilight technically owns it. What I'm really hoping for this incoming season is a new hero with their own destiny. By new hero, I mean another Mane Six member. Season 1 mainly focused on Twilight learning the magic of friendship, and then it got better when all of the Mane Six now learns, which made me love season 2! All of the Mane Six are now going through their own problems. Season 3, however, mainly focused on Twilight and her becoming a princess, and season 4 focuses on that as well. Now that season 5 is here, I'd like the other Mane Six members to have major changes in their lives that impact the show in a big way. Like one season, Rainbow Dash is the hero when she becomes a Wonderbolt and all that, and in the finale, she saves the day mainly. Season after that, Pinkie, or AppleJack, or some other main character.

What I'm really trying to say is: we know Twilight's destiny now. It should be completed. Twilight should know now what she's supposed to do in her life. Now it's the other Mane Five's (six, if Spike is included; nine if CMCs are included too), to figure out what their destinies actually mean. Yes AppleJack is honest and works at Sweet Apple Acres, but what if there's more to that? Same goes with Pinkie, no longer the apprentice of the Cakes and now opens her own party hall or something. It's time for the other main characters to be the main heroes, and Twilight would be there to assist them, but without being the one to solve everything. Twilight would mainly become what Celestia was to Twilight during seasons 1, 2, and 3; an advisor. That's what I really want in the show.

Friendship is Magic, am I right? If that's what it means, then it's Twilight's turn to majorly assist her friends in achieving their destinies! Time to stop with Twilight's destiny, it's achieved already, now it's time for her to return the favor, and that, my friends, is what is truly needed in MLP!