I dunno if this is the right time to talk about this, and I'll probably talk about it again in the future, but for now, I want to share my perspective of how I think the final season of the show might be like.

Now before you say anything, I know season 6 isn't the final season, cause the crew would've said if it was by now, much like they said for Littlest Pet Shop. I'm almost certain there is a season 7! If there's gonna be a final season, it's either season 7 will be it, or another future one after the movie.

So I believe the final season is pretty much going to wrap things up with each of the characters. For example: wrapping up Rarity's arc for her boutiques, like her having financial troubles or something, or runs out of fashion trend ideas, or somepony wants to buy her out. It would be Rarity's biggest challenge yet pretty much!

For Applejack, I think wrapping things up with her are things that have to do with either having a hard time accepting that Apple Bloom is growing up and is not home as often as she used to, maybe some more trouble with the the Flim Flam Bros trying to sabotage the Apple family legacy, or maybe learning more about Applejack's parents!

For Pinkie Pie, I thought maybe her best finale episodes would be something like Mr. and Mrs. Cake are planning to expand their Sugarcube Corner business, but they won't be in Ponyville any more to run that shop, so they give Sugarcube Corner to Pinkie, and we'll see how that plays out! How will Pinkie feel about running her own bakery / party place, or how she's going to miss the Cake and their babies! Maybe another episode too about perhaps maybe Pinkie can't make a friend with somepony no matter how hard she tries and doesn't succeed, and she has to just accept it. Also another episode with her family as well!

For Rainbow Dash, obviously it's gonna be about wrapping up her Wonderbolts arc! Perhaps Equestria is in danger with something and the only Wonderbolts can do it, and maybe Rainbow helps Spitfire out in doing something very heroic which would help her promote the ranks to become the new Wonderbolt general, and then Spitfire gives her former captain title to Rainbow Dash! Other Rainbow episodes might include something to do with Gilda and Griffonstone, and another one having something to do with Scootaloo which I'll get to in a bit! ;)

For Fluttershy, maybe she'll have a final episode with Discord and Zephyr Breeze becoming close friends, maybe an episode about her sticking up to Angel finally and stop him from being a spoiled bunny and see how that plays out! I dunno, there's not much to do with Fluttershy! Maybe an episode about her saving Rainbow Dash's life, and Rainbow fears for her ego or something.

Now for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, obviously we wrap up the episodes with them being a big impact with ponies with cutie marks. Maybe they help an adult pony get one! That would be really cool to see! The CMCs helping an adult blank flank! Also another episode with Babs Seed before the series ends would be very nice to see, thank you very much! :P Of course it would be nice to see some solo episodes with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo! The Scootaloo one would probably be another flight episode about her knowing the reason why she can't fly and she does something about it to finally get her to fly! If she can't fly with her wings, then maybe she finds a way to make new mechanical wings to help her fly! Like braces for people who can't walk! That would be so adorable!

For Spike, I believe it'll be mostly about him wrapping up the dragon arc! Maybe he discovers where he's from and he meets his family, and how Princess Celestia got his egg in the first place, and Princess Ember would help Spike out in finding out why! If this doesn't happen before this time, Spike giving up his crush on Rarity and just accepting she's a really good friend, but also Rarity accepting that she has taken advantage over him in the past. Oh! I just thought of another Fluttershy one! It would be a Fluttershy-Spike episode, with him helping Fluttershy get over her fear of dragons or something!

As for Twilight... well, we'll let the crew figure out what's in store for her! ;)

For some of the side-characters, well it'll be nice if we learned about Zecora's backstory, maybe figure out what Starlight Glimmer has been up to, have Rara and Cheese Sandwich have a duet in an episode, learning a little more about Cheerilee's past life, who knows? Who... *flicks nose* ...knows?

So what do you think about what I think should be in store for the finale? What do you think should happen in the final season of MLP before the big finale of the show? ;)