We have a ton of summaries released for season 7! Episodes 14-16, and 18-23! Episode 17 is called Daring Done, but no summary for that yet. But this isn't about Daring Done, this is about the last 3 episodes of the season that don't even have a title!

What can we expect? 3 slice of life episodes to keep the season going easy? 1 slice of life and a 2-parter like most other seasons? Or for the first time, a 3-part finale? :D What do you expect the finale to be like? Chrysalis returning? Scorpan appearing? Will Starlight play the main role; will we meet her parents? Does Twilight play the main role? Does Spike play the main role and we meet his family?! How about if they are slice of life episodes? Who will star in each of them? So far if we include solo episodes and combo episodes for each character, Rainbow and Pinkie's got 3 episodes this season (4 if Daring Done has the correct synopsis), the CMCs have 5, Twilight and Starlight have 4, Fluttershy and Rarity and Applejack have 3, Spike has 1, and Discord has 1. To even things out a little better, I got the feeling if there's at least 1 slice of life episode, it's gotta be Spike unless he plays a big part in the finale. This season is family themed so anything family related goes - meeting Starlight's family, Spike's family, or Scorpan wanting to reunite with Tirek seem like the best possible candidates if this was family themed!

So type down below what you think the last 3 episodes are gonna be like! Or perhaps you can talk about Daring Done if you want!