Have any of you been to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida? There's a Barney the Dinosaur liveshow there that's been there since forever! Now alot of attractions got replaced there. The only ones that haven't been changed are the E.T. ride and the Barney live show. Now I don't want E.T. replaced, no way! But Barney, he's not even on TV anymore. It's surprising that people still go to his live show.

So instead, how about a live show for people ALL AGES can enjoy? Replace the Barney show with an MLP live show! Not that garbage MLP liveshow that's been around, mind you, I mean a better one! With original songs, and a plot that actually makes sense! It would involve the Mane Six doing... something, like preparing for a celebration but it doesn't go as plan because alot of things are going wrong, and in the end, well I don't need to say the moral, I'm sure you'd know what it is! ;) It would feature live-size costumes of each of the Mane Six, maybe some video screens around showing some of the characters that the Mane Six talks to, and there would be lasers and lights, and music! And then in the end, the kids can go to the MLP-style playground, because there's a playground kids can interact with voiceboxes and colorful rocks back with Barney, but not it'll be MLP related!

There's also a waiting pre-show outside since a live show would already be performing inside, people have to wait, and there's this old guy singing for the people in the Barney version, but in the MLP version, it would be Spike and the CMCs entertaining the people before the show starts! Also for you princess fans, Princesses Celestia and Luna would be giving the instructions and safety tips of what the show is going to contain, and no smoking, eating, or drinking allowed, or flash photography. Of course there will be cameos of each of our favorite characters on the video screens including Big Mac, Starlight, and Derpy!

So what do ya think? You think Hasbro and Universal should consider replacing the Barney show at Universal to an MLP show?