Yes, I know the reason why Scorpan turned in Lord Tirek, to save the ponies of Equestria. But think about it for a second... Scorpan sold out his own sibling to ponies he doesn't even know well. Yes, Scorpan saved many lives by doing this, but the real question here is: does Scorpan feel good about it?

Maybe he would at first, but wouldn't he ever have the feeling of regret? Tie-rek trusted him, and Scorpan betrayed that trust. If that doesn't give Scorpan nightmares and regretful feelings, then I don't know what kind of bro-bro he is. Couldn't there be a better way to settle it? Why not force Tie-rek back home and imprison him in the comfort of his own home, instead of a strange place that probably scares him as much as he feels enraged. Lost, alone, and I know Tie-rek was ignorant and stubborn and evil, but Scorpan... how does he really feel about this? He did what he had to do, but with a huge cost, maybe he might feel from time to time that it wasn't worth it, even though he knows it was.

What do you think about this?