It has come to my attention that certain people on here are complaining about the fact that some of us talk about Spike too much. I understand what you're going through. We've all been there, where certain content is overrated. I feel the same way about the song Let It Go. I hear it too much, and it just gets old after a while. But sometimes these things are overused because they mean something to us. I like Spike, because he really means something to me by a long shot, and you have the right to know why. It is a pretty legit reason. I've taken psychology classes, so I can explain this to you legitly.

I've always liked Spike in the series, since the very beginning. Thought he was an interesting character, but Pinkie was always my favorite because she reminds me of me. Random, funny, weird... but then here it comes Spike. I like him so much, because I pity him. I never thought there was anything wrong with him on the show; that is until I saw people calling him useless, and stupid. Everyone forgets though that he's just a kid. He's around the same age as the CMCs, and they don't always do smart stuff either. It just stinks that every episode he stars in, he does something stupid. I mean, it's ok to do stupid things sometimes. That's normal, that just means he's like everypony else. He makes mistakes and he learns from them. It's just weird that he can't have an episode to star in where he doesn't mess anything up, and he can teach others a friendship lesson or two. I mean that's what Twilight does. Some of her methods have to rub off on him sometime. In certain episodes where he doesn't star in however, he seems to be the voice of reason. Like in Lesson Zero! Twilight cannot survive without him. He keeps her sane. Being a princess is hard work, I'm sure of it.

But that's not what bothers me the most. The fact that he's a dragon in a pony world, it's like a foreigner child living in a town of people who are the same race. He's the only dragon in town, and yet he's the one that has to be the Meg Griffin in the group. Doors slam on his face, ponies don't listen to him or his opinions, and he's the one that always has to carry all the luggage. It just bothers me seeing that. I feel Spike is treated as a second-class citizen when he clearly deserves as much rights as anypony else. Not all dragons are bad. Spike isn't the only one I'm sure. Ponies are just too afraid of dragons to realize it, which is why ponies don't seem to treat him with enough respect, other than the Mane Six, the princesses, and half of Ponyville. But I'm pretty excited this season since Spike's dragon lord title might be the key for dragons and ponies to finally have peace! I think my pity of Spike is about to come to an end!

One other thing that kinda bothers me, Spike doesn't hang out with ponies his age that much (other than the occasional Snips and Snails, and a small chat with the CMCs). Spike is smarter for his age, which is an advantage, but I don't think he ever had the chance to live a normal childhood. He always just hung out with Twilight's friends, the princesses, and just did chores all day. I feel he needs the chance to socialize more. He needs his own group of friends. The CMCs, other colts, dragon kids, I don't care. Somebody! Friendship is magic, right? Why bother being a part of the Mane Six if you don't have your own Element of Harmony? Get yourself friends of your own Spike. It'll be good for you. You don't need to be Twilight's squire all the time, or be Rarity's servant. I do hope he becomes immune to Rarity's good looks one day.

Spike kinda reminds me of myself. I screw things up sometimes, and people hate me for it. Accidents happen! Or in my case, they happen too much. I don't want Spike ending up like me. I don't want Spike to be a hero all the time, but I don't want him to be the sidekick all the time either. Just average. He needs a destiny, or at least he should try to find one. Better try and fail than not trying at all.

Now you know why I like Spike. Now I don't exactly know why the others like Spike so much, but this is the reason why I do. I'm trying to keep my Spike conversations to a minimum, don't get me wrong. I am trying. I mean I've been talking about how much I predicted season six so far way more than I've been talking about Spike lately. Oh, by the way, did you know I predicted alot of things this season already? :D

Anyways, I hope these are good enough reasons for you. If not... too bad, I got nothing else. :P