Now we all know Pinkie Pie right? The pink hyperactive pony who loves to cheer her friends up and makes everypony smile. Now the reason she's my favorite pony is not only because of the reasons I said above, It's because there's something psychologically deeper about her which has a lot of depth to it. A common trait that Pinkie has in the show is when she fails to make her friends happy and what not she goes into a state of sadness. Her whole personality is fascinating in the form that she's such an out of this world character in terms of her character. The way she cares about her friends is realistic and very sweet, plus she's not just that generic comic relief character. As we see in "Party Of One" she can go really insane, if she fails to her role in ponyville to make everypony smile. Now we deal with a sensitive subject about Pinkie Pie *Sighs* season 4 Pinkie Pie. Remember now the way the characters act is all on how the writers portray them and some writers can screw up with the characters. For example in "Pinkie Pride" is an episode that did Pinkies character right and "Filli Vanilli" is an episode where Pinkies character is done wrong. Anyways the verdict is that Pinkie is my favorite pony because she's funny, easy to relate too, psychologically fascinating, and just a plain awesome character.