In response to the recent crisis surrounding the Royal Wedding, the Equestrian Military has organised Operation: Ursa Minor, the assassination of the Changeling Queen.

It has been quite some months since the kingdom was last threatened, by the insane terrorist only known as Discord, and we have now discovered that the Changeling Queen provides a far bigger threat, and we must strike immediately. Intelligence has reported her to be in a small compound on our borders, well within striking distance, but she is leaving in 5 days, which means time is limited to strike.

This are the units required for the operation:

  • Two Airships, for gunship support
  • Five Pegasii, making sure no one enters or leaves the compound
  • Fireteam of 6 Unicorns
  • 12 Supporting Earth Ponies.

We will taking any and all volunteers. Volunteers will be taken from now until April 24, at 2200 Hours EST.

Any questions? Ask below. Otherwise, this is the Equestrian Military High Command, out.