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    Welcome, to a Survey that asks about every MLP Fan's thoughts on everything. They'll be at least twenty-five questions. And I want everyone to vote if they can. Well, this actually a reboot of the old one I did, this one has more answeer and questions for Season three and Equestria Girls.

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    Hello, look at this! These are apparrently the New Equestria Girls Toys. I was searching on the iternet and found them. Aren't they nice? They're better than I expected, at least. Most people would think they'd be more Monster-High-esque, but they're pretty different and actually...a little skinnier than them. If you'd like to know, I found these on Equestria Daily in here: Equestria Daily: Equestria Girls Dolls and this is the Original founding site (translated): " Dolls " My Little Pony Equestria Girls. If you you don't like these, don't worry; They're only Prototypes...and only in Russia.

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    If you can't telll, they Scootaloo,Twist,Sweetie Belle,Pumpkin Cake,Apple Bloom , and a Pegasuas Dinky Doo. Yeah,yeah, "recolors are bad,derp,derp,durrr". This took almost five hours, thanks for the appreciation. Well, I just want show my concept for what I think would be the next Generation of the Man-ERrr-Main Six. Do you think the Roles are the proper roles? Would Pumpkin Cake fit Twilight Sparkle? Think cutie Mark Crusaders would ever get their Cutie Marks? What the fudge am I ask? Does fudge make you pudge and not budge?

    Sweetie Belles Mark: Sweetie Belle (G3) Cutie Mark

    Apple Blooms Mark: Cutie Mark - G3 Applejack

    Scootaloo's Mark: Scootaloo's Butterfly

    Twist's was from a Screenshot, Pumpkin Cake's and Dink's were from official My Little…

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  • Mewkat14

    This my list for how much I like certain episode. But I'm okay with your opinions. These are gonna be fractions out Ten. :P

    1. Friendship is Magic, part 1 8/10
    2. Friendship is Magic, part 2 8/10
    3. The Ticket Master 6/10
    4. Applebuck Season 8/10
    5. Griffon the Brush Off 7/10
    6. Boast Busters 7/10
    7. Dragonshy 7/10
    8. Look Before You Sleep 9/10
    9. Bridle Gossip 10/10
    10. Swarm of the Century 7/10
    11. Winter Wrap Up 10/10
    12. Call of the Cutie 9/10
    13. Fall Weather Friends 10/10
    14. Suited For Success 10/10
    15. Feeling Pinkie Keen 9/10
    16. Sonic Rainboom 10/10
    17. Stare Master 9/10
    18. The Show Stoppers 8/10
    19. A Dog and Pony Show 10/10
    20. Green Isn't Your Color 9/10
    21. Over a Barrel 6/10
    22. A Bird in the Hoof 8/10
    23. The Cutie Mark Chronicles 10/10
    24. Owl's Well That Ends Well 7/10
    25. Party of One 10/10
    26. The Best Night Ever 10/10

    1. The Return of Harmo…

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    The Equestrian Survey

    June 19, 2012 by Mewkat14

    Welcome, to a Survey that asks about every MLP Fan's though on everything. They'll be at least twenty questions. And I want everyone to vote. They'll be a Scoreboard created a few day later at the end of this blog and the polls will be deleted.

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