FANMADE My Little Pony Generation 6 Mewkat14

Guess who?

If you can't telll, they Scootaloo,Twist,Sweetie Belle,Pumpkin Cake,Apple Bloom , and a Pegasuas Dinky Doo. Yeah,yeah, "recolors are bad,derp,derp,durrr". This took almost five hours, thanks for the appreciation. Well, I just want show my concept for what I think would be the next Generation of the Man-ERrr-Main Six. Do you think the Roles are the proper roles? Would Pumpkin Cake fit Twilight Sparkle? Think cutie Mark Crusaders would ever get their Cutie Marks? What the fudge am I ask? Does fudge make you pudge and not budge?

Credit for things I used

Sweetie Belles Mark: Sweetie Belle (G3) Cutie Mark

Apple Blooms Mark: Cutie Mark - G3 Applejack

Scootaloo's Mark: Scootaloo's Butterfly

Twist's was from a Screenshot, Pumpkin Cake's and Dink's were from official My Little Pony Games.