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    MLP:FIM Season 4

    July 19, 2013 by Mighty355

    I was wondering about at the end of finale called magical mystery cure when before Games Ponies Play has ended. I just figure it out when twilight sparkle can stay herself as unicorn about 3 part episodes of Rock A-By Twilight, I'm writing about twilight sparkle. Tabitha St. Germain would voice Twilight Velvet was renamed as Starlight, Seth McFarlane (Who does Family Guy and American Dad) will voice of Night Light was renamed Lightshine and joining up Andrew Francis as a voice of Shining Armor and Tara Strong can still do the voice of twilight sparkle, and the same thing as When Twilight Was A Baby After Magical Mystery Cure had Finished.

    Fly By Little Wonderblots, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo can also appear when they entered clouds dale and…

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