I was wondering about at the end of finale called magical mystery cure when before Games Ponies Play has ended. I just figure it out when twilight sparkle can stay herself as unicorn about 3 part episodes of Rock A-By Twilight, I'm writing about twilight sparkle. Tabitha St. Germain would voice Twilight Velvet was renamed as Starlight, Seth McFarlane (Who does Family Guy and American Dad) will voice of Night Light was renamed Lightshine and joining up Andrew Francis as a voice of Shining Armor and Tara Strong can still do the voice of twilight sparkle, and the same thing as When Twilight Was A Baby After Magical Mystery Cure had Finished.

Fly By Little Wonderblots, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo can also appear when they entered clouds dale and meet up with Spitfire and Soarin, and joining in the voice actors David Gasman (as known as a voice of Rayman the French guy) could do the new voice of Thunderlane, Nancy Cartwright (as known she do the voices of Ghosty from my little pony 1986 and the Simpsons voiced of Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz and Ralph Wiggin) can also maybe do the voice of Thunderlane's little brother rumble, Patrick Warburton (as known as joe Swanson from family guy) can voiced perfectly who say "Yeah!" Of Snowflake, Matt Hill can continue voice of Soarin and Kelly Metzger as the voice of Spitfire. Iron Will who has returned before "Putting Your Hoof Down" that he does one in season two, Iron Will is back in season four from appearing episodes; Fly By Little Wonderblots, When Spike and his guys gone for a Journey, Shining Armor Arrivals in Ponyville, The Docter and Derpy Searching for Clubs and When you wish that Scootaloo comes to this.