Greetings, everypony!  John Darkblaze here with yet another blog post!  This time, I will be offering my opinions on the upcoming official/already-released unofficial 7th episode of Season 7, "Parental Glideance".  For anypony out there who is waiting for the US release, I urge you to look away RIGHT NOW to avoid any spoilers.  Are you gone?. . .ok, so everyone left doesn't care about spoilers?. . .ok, but you have been warned!

I absolutely adored this episode!  I'm not even that big a fan of Rainbow Dash, but I'd consider this my favorite episode of Season 7 thus far (then again, it probably helped that Scootaloo was a main focus instead of Rainbow Dash herself). When I first heard the early synopsis for this episode, I was worried about how they would write the rainbow-maned pegasus, considering she didn't get a lot of good attention last season.  After watching it, however, I can honestly say that I was surprised with how the writers handled all the characters in this episode; I have not smiled/laughed as much while watching any other Season 7 episode yet!

First topic I'd like to discuss: Rainbow's parents themselves.  I LOVED them both; the designs are nice, and their attitudes towards life and their daughter are absolutely adorable and funny.  One of the major criticisms I've seen about the episode is that the parents are too annoying and overbearing, but I just don;t see it that way.  My parents, while not as exuberant as RD's, can seem a little overbearing at times, so I completely sympathize with Rainbow's struggle.  Then again, I can also see where the parents are coming from, too; if my child achieved as big a dream as Rainbow Dash did, I probably would react in the same way as they did, so I can also relate to their side of the story, as well.  This duality of relatability really makes this a great episode me, and I'm sure many of you will be able to relate with one or the other.

Another major talking point: Scootaloo.  The amount of development and insight we got into her life is off the charts!  The writers could have easily just shoe-horned RD's parents into the story, but having Scootaloo meet and interact with them before seeing how Rainbow Dash herself does makes the story far more interesting and dynamic (the writers have certainly learned their lesson since A Canterlot Wedding).  The fact that Scootaloo, for once in her life, is going against what Rainbow Dash says about her parents just goes to show how much she has developed as her own character over the years.  We also get the closest confirmation the show will probably ever give us that Scootaloo either has no parents or is abandoned by her parents, which is both awesome and sad at the same time.

Final thoughts:  this episode was truly magnificent in every regard; the story and characters were well-written, and the conflict was very relatable.  My only nitpick about the episode is the fact that Scootaloo only received a "B" on her report (Really, Cheerilee?!  You shouldn't judge somepony's report based on how they decide to present it!).  Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed everything this episode had to offer; definitely one of the many greats of Season 7!

Do you agree/disagree?  What did you like/dislike?  Comment below!