Hello everypony! Miipack603 here wuth yet another blog post. This is my plot line for the upcoming episode "The Mane Attraction". So without further or do, based on the Netflix sypnopsis and the song "Just a Pony", here is my basic idea for the plot of "The Mane Attraction":

Applejack's long lost friend from Manehattan (let's call her Exhibit A) visits Ponyville and explains that she has become a travelling pop singer since their fillyhood days.  Exhibit A invites her and her friends to one of her shows and offers them backstage passes.  During one of her shows, Exhibit A's dress flies up and Applejack notices that she does not have her cutie mark, leading her to question Exhibit A after the show.  Before she can give a straight answer, Exhibit A's manager shows up and acts pompous and arrogant toward her.

Applejack tells her friends that she believes her friend's manager is using her for profit rather than taking her interests into play.  When Applejack confronts Exhibit A about it, she is initially in denial and scolds Applejack for believing such thoughts, but before her next show, Exhibit A's manger continues with his arrogant personaility, leading her to consider Applejack's words and make mistakes throughout her show.  Afterwards, Applejack and her friends try to see Exhibit A, but her manager is chewing her out for her lousy performance.  Upon seeing Applejack, however, Exhibit A realizes the truth and fires her manager on the spot, who trots away snootily.

A few days afterwards, Applejack and her friends go to try to confort Exhibit A after the heartbreak she experienced.  When they see her, however, she is not in denial for firing her manager and has re-discovered herself.  When questioned about this, Exhibit A invites them to her next show, where she performs "Just a Pony" and earns her cutie mark.  Applejack, teary-eyed, goes on stage to congratulate Exhibit A and rekindles their friendship which will surely last for eternity.

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