Hello everypony!  I thought this would be an interesting idea to talk about:  the ages of some of the ponies in the TV series, going from oldest to newest.  Disclaimer:  this only pertains to a select few of the charactersI am familiar with, so your thoughts are greatly accepted.

The only characters I have thought about this theory are the unicorns/alicorns and the Mane 6, because here is the theory; maybe the size of a unicorn's horn dictates how old he/she is compared to other unicorns.  If so, then here is my old-to-young list of unicorns/alicorns in FIM:

  • Princess Celestia
  • Princess Luna
  • Princess Cadance
  • Shining Armor
  • Twilight Sparkle

Now, for the Mane 6.  For this list, since not all of them are unicorns, I've ordered them based on their level of maturity/responsibility displayed in the series thus far.  Here it is, in oder from oldest to youngest:

  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Applejack
  • Fluttershy
  • Rarity
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Pinkie Pie

Comment below on what you guys think about these lists and what your theories are.  Also, if I've missed anything, let me know, I'm still not too familiar with all the characters yet.