Hello everypony! Miipack603 here with another blog post. This time, I'll be doing something similar to my villain story post, but this time I will be giving the OCs on my profile page stories of their very own. They will be about how they could have been incorporated into the series. Why, you may ask? Well, it is a prologue of sorts for my very next blog post, which I think will be very special indeed!

John Darkblaze

As a young colt, John Darkblaze has always been fascinated with building and inventing different gadget
FANMADE OC John Darkblaze
s to help around his home, and has held a deep passion for all things mechanical. Growing up on a farm, however, proved to hinder his abilities, as he had to juggle his duties as an Earth pony and an inventor. His mother supported John's endeavors, but his father believed that John belonged on the farm. One day, his father was plowing the field when it hit a rock and broke to pieces. His father travelled into town, but being so far away meant that he might not come back in time to get the field ready for the annual harvest in time. Fearing for his family's livelihood, John set to work building a device that would replace the plow for the time being. When his father returned, he saw John sitting on his tractor machine with the field plowed and ready for the harvest. They embrace and John receives his cutie mark. Now, he has opened up a blacksmith shop just outside Ponyville, where he is constantly building new mechanical devices to make ponies' lives easier.

Emily Flutterheart

Emily has lived in Ponyville ever since she was a foal, but when her parents separated for personal reaso
FANMADE OC Emily Flutterheart
ns, she has moved between Ponyville and Las Pegasus, where her father moved away to. Being a humble and shy pony, she did not take well to going to school in Applewood, where the ponies were high-sprung and out-going all the time. Emily loved going back to Ponyville, where the ponies were more warm and friendly, and, of course, her mother was always around for her. Longing to be a complete family again, she persuaded her father to take them back to Ponyville for old time's sake. Little did he know that Emily had told her mother to go to the same place they were going - in front of the Ponyville statue. When they began to argue, Emily cast a spell not to make them fall in love, but to make them realize what they truly meant to each other. As a reward for restoring their marriage, Emily's parents took her to Sugarcube Corner for a treat before returning home; along the way, Emily earns her cutie mark. Now she lives in Ponyville full-time, working at the Ponyville Retirement Village while ensuring that love and care pour through everypony's hearts and souls.

Jacob Braveheart

Jacob Braveheart was a colt with a soul as bold as Iron will's assertiveness seminars. He always loved to
FANMADE OC Jacob Braveheart
show off his broad range of skills to any filly that passed his eye. Jacob also took a liking to extreme sports, and dreamed of one day entering the Wonderbolts Academy. When he was initially rejected, he took the decision very personally, and aimed to prove his worth by sneaking onto campus to show the Wonderbolts his moves, despite his friends trying to urge him against it. In the morning, he attempted to show the Wonderbolts what he was made of, but they continued to look the other way. In a desperate attempt to gain their approval, Jacob tampered with the Dizzitron to make it spin even faster and attempted to get in front of the line, but got distracted and allowed somepony else to go first. Realizing his mistake, Jacob tried to stop the instructor, but he had already pulled the lever. Suddenly, the entire machine broke apart, sending it and the pony inside flying over the edge of the cliff. Being an exceptionally fast flyer, he was the first to reach the falling pony and pulled him free moments before it crashed to pieces on the ground. Rewarded for his bravery, he was not made an official Wonderbolt, but he was given the Purple Heart medal - as well as earning his cutie mark! Now he lives in Cloudsdale, where the Wonderbolts occasionally check in on him, earning very surprised looks from everypony around!

Jenna Lightningstrike

As a young filly, Jenna was very out-going and liked to have fun all the time, throwing parties and making
FANMADE OC Jenna Lightningstrike
friends everywhere she went in Fillydelphia. While her social life was a blast, her schooling was a completely different story; she could not sit still long enough to focus on a particular lesson, and she was frequently flunking assignments. Almost ready to give up on her, Jenna's teacher gave her one last assignment that would guarantee her ultimate graduating or repeating school: a research paper. A few days before the paper was due, Jenna was in total panic mode; she has barely started the project because she was too busy planning a surprise birthday party for her parents, which was on the same day her paper was due. They tried to consol her, but it only made the decision worse for Jenna; flunk school, or break her parent's hearts. On the last night before the birthday party/due date for the paper, Jenna made up her mind; she scrambled all night, getting help from other ponies, to create the best birthday bash possible. As the sun rose, Jenna woke her parents and brought them to the center of town where the birthday party was the best they'd ever had. At one point, Jenna's teacher came up to her and apologized for being so hard on her in school, as she realized exactly what Jenna had to put up with, and cancelled the assignment. Jenna, overjoyed, began a dance party around the town statue, where she gained her cutie mark. She now owns her own party business and travels around Equestria planning perfect parties; at one particular party, she reunited with her old friends from other parties - John Darkblaze, Emily Flutterheart, and Jacob Braveheart - and the quartet have been close friends ever since.