Hello everypony!  John Darkblaze here with another episode review; this time, it's the recently released Season 6, episode 8 A Hearth's Warming Tail.  While I felt the episode overall was simply a rehash of the Christmas Carol story after my initial viewing, repeated viewings made me really appreciate what the writers fit into this episode.  Without furher or do, let's jump into episode 8 of Season 6 of MLP!

First off, let's talk about the songs, considering this episode's a musical one.  I think I'm starting to see a trend here; the first musical episode was MMC, which had a pretty major event, then Pinkie Pride, which wasn't as eventful.  Then came COTLM, we all know what happened in that episode, and now AHWT.  Does this mean the next musical episode will bring a major change to the show's dynamic?  Do you agree/disagree?  But enough of that, the songs themselves; I really liked most of the songs, I actually didn't realize this episode contained AJ's first ever solo song until after the episode ended, which is something that I've been wanting ever since RD's solo in Season 5.  Luna also appears with her own song, which is amazing in its own regard!  Overall, however, my favorites have to be a tie between Pinkie's Present and Say Goodbye to the Holidays, leaning more towards Pinkie's song, but not by much.

Next, the story itself.  At first, I wasn't sure where Starlight was getting her attitude about Hearth's Warming Eve, and I wish the writers delved into it a bit more in the beginning.  Nonetheless, I really like the parallels they made between Starlight and Snowfall Frost - that they're both bitter towards a particular thing and have contrived yet somewhat sensible ideas of how to achieve their goals.  The choice of characters (RD being Bob Cratchet, AJ/Pinkie/Luna as the spirits, etc.) was appropriate enough for their respective roles, and I felt the strongest ones were Pinkie and Luna's.  I also like how the story of "A Hearth's Warming Tail" was both a story, but it fit with the overall plot of the show, while the first hearth's warming episode was simply a re-telling of the story that felt separate from the plot itself.  The humor was spot on with this episode as well; some of my highlights were Twilight's Pinkie imitation, Derpy as the star on the tree, and the record scratch at the party!  The animation and visual elements were my favorite parts of this episode, especially during Snowfrost's solo and with the Victorian-era pony village.

Oerall, I thought this was definitely a well-made episode now that I've come to appreciate the different elements.  I'm not sure if it's my favorite epsidoe of the season yet, but it is certainly high on my list (significantly higher than one particular episode) and is one that I would gladly rewatch.  What did you guys think?  Comment below!