Hello everypony!  Miipack603 here with another blog post!  Man, this was a truely amazing episode, possibly beating out Magical Mystery Cure as my favorite episode of the series as a whole.  In this post, I will be examining my favorite parts of this episode and would love to hear what you guys have to say about this (though I'm pretty sure I can guess).

Personally, I'm indifferent to musical episodes, as long as the majority of the songs are good.  Well, I can honestly say that I loved the songs in COTLM better than MMC for many reasons!  First, I feel they advanced the plot a bit better than the songs in the Season 3 finale; second, they all had a very catchy beat and rhythm to them; and third, I like how they managed to show the true conflicts of the episode through the song, which, again, I think was done better than MMC.  My favorites, in order, have to be Light of Your Cutie Mark, The Vote, We'll Make Our Mark, and Pony I Wanna Be.

Next, I'd like to tall about one of the major plot points in this episode:  Diamond Tiara's reformation.  Honestly, I did not like her in earlier episodes, especially in Flight to the Finish when she deliberately mocked Scootaloo's disability.  After seeing this episode, however, I can really see that, like Luna, Diamond had a good side in her all along; she was just corrupted by her parents by their snootiness.  I also liked how they pitted Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon and made her finally realize that she doesn't need to be a follower anymore.  Diamond's songs were also very well done, showing her internal conflict and how she has to deal with being forced to be somepony she isn't.  This was a really good dynamic that the show needed for a long time and am grateful that the writers acknowledged it.

Now, let's move on to the best part of the episode (in my opinion) - the CMC get their cutie marks!!!!!  Oh man, okay, first off, let me say, Magical Mystery Cure was only the second episode of the series that I watched, so while it was cool to see Twilight become a Princess, I had no idea of the huge impact it had on the fandom.  with this episode, however, I've had some experience with the show, so the emotional jump was greater than it was for MMC!  I literally had a stupid grin on my face for the last three minutes of the episode and some time afterwards!  This was my favorite scene of the entire MLP series, beating out both Twilight's fight with Tirek and any part of Slice of Life.

On a deeper note, I think their cutie marks - and therefore their destiny - fits them perfectly.  Here they are trying to find their special talents without realizing that their true talents come from within themselves, and this episode finally brought that out!  Helping others figure out what their cutie marks mean or will be, I think, is the perfect way for them to ive their lives because it opens so many doors for them, just as Twilight becoming the Princess of Friendship in the Season 4 finale opened so many doors for her.  Now, they can travel Equestria searching for ponies in need of finding their true talents (maybe the map in Twilight's castle wil call them now?!)  Only time will tell how the writers decide to handle their characters and fate, but I expect great things from the CMC from now on!

Overall, this was the best episode of the series, easily a 10000000/10 for me.  I honestly went into this episode thinking it would be just another generic CMC episode, with the usual conflict between them and Diamond Tiara.  In the end, I was pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the twists and turns this episode offered.  Until the next episode (which I also have high hopes for) this is Miipack603 signing out.