Hello everyone, this blog post is to discuss my favorite character of the TV series, Friendship is Magic, and to hear who is your favorite character.

My favorite character has to be Twilight Sparkle, with Fluttershy coming in at a close second. I really enjoy watching Twilight overcome all odds to help herself and her friends. My passion for Twilight came from when I watched Magical Mystery Cure for the first time, which was actually the second full episode I watched (the first being Swarm of the Country), and I really enjoyed the different angles it took on Twilight's character development. She is the perfect mix of energetic, caring, and kind while also fumbling and nerdy for me. As I've mentioned before, I really appreciate the character development in all of the Mane Six, but especially Twilight, and how she has grown on me. I think it is great that, even though she is an Alicorn princess, she is humble enough not to forget the friendships she has made and does not to flaunt her new status, like I'm sure some other ponies would (*cough* Rarity).

As for Fluttershy, she is my second favorite character because I feel like I, as well as many other people, can relate to her. She is the quiet one in the group, yet her silence is almost more powerful than her verbal communication. I like how much compassion and kindness is portrayed through her actions and personality and I believe that she is a very relatable and understandable character through her downfalls and mistakes.

Comment below if you agree/disagree and who you believe is your favorite character.