Hello everyone, for my first blog post, I thought that I would discuss my opinions on my favorite season finale thus far and also what you guys think.

Favorite Season Finale: Magical Mystery Cure Reason: because it's awesome!. It has a good moral that teaches kids to never give up hope when faced with complete despair. I like how they handled Twilight Sparkle's character and the sequences in which she becomes a princess are just stunning from an animation stand-point. I also like how they dealt with each of the other main characters, as well, in that I believe they did a good job with how each one tries to deal with their dilemma, which made for some very humorous scenes. It also contains my favorite song of the FiM series, A True True Friend

Overall, I thought that this episode was very well done and was what got me interested in the My Little Pony TV series. This was the first actual episode I watched and has become my favorite all-time episode of the Television series - that is, until I see some of the others! I give this season finale a 10/10, though I would say a close second would have to be Twilight's Kingdom.

Leave a comment about what you think the best Season Finale is for the TV series.