Greetings everypony!  Darkblaze here with yet another blog post.  In my first-ever dual review, I will be comparing and contrasting the two most recent Equestria Girls movies and offering my opinions towards the one I believe to be better in general.  Without further or due, let's get started!

Personally, I believe Friendship Games (FG) is my favorite EG movie, while Legend of Everfree (LOE) feel just short in certain respects.  While EG and RR are definitely lower than them, I felt more invested while watching FG than I did for LOE; here's what LOE messed up on, in my opinion:

  1. The poor depictions and development of the main characters:  This is one major area where LOE fell flat for me; the characters themselves weren't all that great, especially the Humane 6.  They only talked and acted according to their sole character traits (Rarity's/Pinkie's/Applejack's obsession with fashion/parties/outdoorsy activities, etc.) and, as per usual, the background characters never really contributed to the story itself.  I realize this could be said about the entire EG franchise, but in the earlier movies, the Humane 5 at least behaved and acted like they were an actual group of friends working together to help each other.  In LOE, they felt like five separate and vastly different personalities trying to get along together.  Even Celestia and Luna weren't used as much as they should have been, considering their background with the camp.
  2. The enhancement of Twilight's various relationships in EG:   I'm sure most of you will agree with me in saying that this was a major downfall in LOE:  the introduction of TimberSparkle.  Seriously, writers, this does not need to happen, which is why I like FG better than LOE; there was little to no emphasis placed on the FlashLight relationship in FG compared to the other movies.  I guess the writers had to make up for that in this movie by not only addressing Flash and FIM Twilight but also introducing a new character who immediately becomes the love interest of Sci-Twi.  This new pairing is incredible cringe-worthy, even more than Flash x Twilight, and it only gets worse from the beginning, even up to the point of having them almost kiss, which is a new low point for me in the franchise.  Well, at least this development made Flash a better character, right . . . . . right?!
  3. The lack of pony appearances:  This is merely the spoiled fanboy in me, but I was severely disappointed we didn't get to see characters from the pony world in LOE.  In every EG movie since its beginning, we've at least seen some appearance of Equestria and the Mane 6, which has offered some connection between the two worlds.  With LOE, the lack of ponies, as well as the mediocre ending in the last few minutes makes it seem like the human world has separated from Equestria and become its own entity rather than a spin-off.  While some fans might enjoy this change, I do not approve because it means we will most likely not see Sunset return to Equestria to formally apologize to Celestia, or other areas of potential for this connection.
  4. Gaea Everfree and Gloriosa demon:  Considering most marketing for LOE depicted Gaea Everfree as the main villain in this movie, I was also disappointed that Gaea Everfree turned out to be a cover-up for Gloriosa's affairs.  While I can accept this explanation in the context of the story, with regards to the "surprise factor" it's supposed to generate, I was not surprised since the movie was as subtle as a trainwreck about covering up Gloriosa's secret.  Considering she only appeared in a flashback and never really showed her true powers, I would have liked to see her explored more rather than resorting to the exact same premise as the first and third movies.  At least with Midnight Sparkle, it was more justified in my opinion than Gloriosa's childish motives.

To be honest, there are only two aspects I really enjoyed about LOE:

  1. The music:  Similar with FG, I adored most of the music in LOE.  The first song I listened to was the main title song, and I was hooked instantly with its banjo undertones and comforting vibes.  "Hope Shines Eternal" is very similar in this sense, and "Legend You Are Meant to Be" has a very catchy beat that became an instant favorite of mine, as well.  If there's one thing you can count on in an Equestria Girls movie, it's the fantastic music!
  2. Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry:  I'm probably in the minority, here, but I really like how the writers handled their characters.  In FG, we were introduced to the possibility that Flash would have to get over his feelings for Twilight in Equestria.  With LOE, they take it a step further by having Sunset herself admit to her former boyfriend that he needs to get over her as well as Flash actually accepting Sunset's proposal.  These moments work well for their characters because they play off of each other very well, in my opinion, and I would be open to the idea of them starting to hang out again either as friends or a rekindled relationship.

Well, that's what I have to say about LOE, but what about you?  Did you enjoy/hate it?  What were your favorite/least favorite parts?  And most importantly, which movie is better in your opinion - FG or LOE?