Hello, everypony!  John Darkblaze here with another series of blog posts.  With Season 6 finally over and a long hiatus in front of us until Season 7, I thought I would try something new.  In these "Season X in One Blog Post" posts, I will sum up my opinions on the various episodes of MLP: FIM in a couple of words/phrases.  Before we begin, a little pre-warning: I have not, and probably will not, watched every episode of the show, and will go in the category "Did not finish/watch" category until further notice.  I may get to them later, but for now that's just how it will be, so please don't kill me in the comments section. :-P

Without further or do, let's get started!

  • Friendship is Magic - not a bad start to the series, but some elements could have been tied together better..
  • The Ticket Master - a conflict that's been used in various other media that we've all seen before.
  • Griffon the Brush-Off - a nice episode with a relatable conflict and development for Pinkie and Rainbow.
  • Look Before You Sleep - AJ and Rarity being so childish was not appealing.
  • Bridle Gossip - a very amusing episode that actually teaches a good message about prejudices.
  • Swarm of the Century - first episode that made me a Brony, so obviously gets high marks from me!
  • Winter Wrap-Up - good episode with a very catchy song.
  • Call of the Cutie - nice introduction of the CMC as well as all their compatriots (though I still don't get the significance behind Twist dying?)
  • Fall Weather Friends - atrocious AJ and Rainbow Dash episode.
  • Suited for Success - the Mane 5 just acted weird with their suggestions for their dresses.
  • Feeling Pinkie Keen - had some funny bits with Twilight, but overall not that interesting.
  • Sonic Rainboom - very cool episode with great visuals and relatable issue of stagefright.
  • Stare Master - nice episode with Fluttershy being assertive for the first time.
  • The Show Stoppers - the worst CMC episode to date.
  • Green Isn't Your Color - good interactions between Fluttershy and Rarity as well as another semi-relatable conflict.
  • A Bird in the Hoof - good episode with Celestia appearing more and antics with Twilight and Fluttershy.  One of the only Season 1 episodes where Twilight didn't feel forced into the plot.
  • The Cutie Mark Chronicles - great origins story for our beloved main characters.
  • Party of One - a very interesting episode that shows one of the funniest sides of my least favorite of the Mane 6.
  • The Best Night Ever - pretty good episode, bad season finale.

Did not finish/watch