Hello everypony!  Miipack603 here with another blog post, this time on one of the most hotly debated current topics in the brony community - the reformation of the infamous Starlight Glimmer.  I will be purely defending the writers on their idea to reform one of the more cunning villins in the series in this post.  Let's get started!

First off, I will say, I knew about Starlight's reformation long before the episode aired, and I was not a happy camper, to say the least!  After her performance in the season 5 premiere, I felt that this was an inappropriate course of action to take with her character, as we've seen it done before, and she was a badass villain in her debut!  However, I did not give up faith in the show completely; I said that if the Season 5 finale was so epic, even more so than Twilight's Kingdom, then I would forgive the writers for reforming Starlight.  Well, as most of you have probably seen already, this finale certainly delivered, but it turns out, I did not have to forgive the writers at all, as I have changed my mind on the whole ordeal.

I believe this was the best course of action to take for Starlight Glimmer for several reasons.  One was that it was not a carbon copy of Sunset Shimmer's sudden "reformation"; it was done better and in the proper manner that such a reformation should have.  The reason it didn't work for Sunset was because there was no backstory or reason behind her becoming a villain then changing to good guy in mere seconds.  With the Cutie Remark, however, we actually get to see and hear Starlight's backstory behind her becoming a villain (which I forgot to praise the writers for in my official review of the episode - oops!) and why she adopted her ideals on friendship.  She also could not see the effects of her tampering with time, so it is believable that she would begin to consider her actions upon seeing what her interferance is doing to the world.  Talking about the flashback itself, it is a believable cause of Starlight's downfall because it was a traumatic event for somepony who does not make friends so easily; she is basically the anti-Twilight in this respect.

Also, unlike with Sunset, we could see her struggle as she begins to question her own beliefs of friendship, which makes it more effective. Sunset did a 180 in her attitude towards friendship which caught everyone off-guard and was not as effective because we did not see her struggle.  However, even when seeing the ultimate future her interferance would create, Starlight Glimmer still refused to accept defeat and continued to torment Twilight until she eventually helped Starlight see another way for her to cope with her loss, which is a very mature direction for this show to take, considering it's mostly for kids.

Now, on to possibly the most significant thing to happen (or has it?) in the show: Starlight's addition to the Mane 6.  In my opinion, this is simply a brony overreaction and Starlight is not in fact becoming a member of the main characters, but something completely different.  Upon further review, I believe Twilight wants to show Starlight true friendship, but alsoo keep her under close observation while she does so.  It is not directly - or indirectly - stated that she is part of the Mane 6, but the way Twilight and the others talk about Starlight towards the end, it seems like they only want to prevent her from turning evil again; given her magical abilities, it would not be hard for a villain like Tirek to persuade her back over to the "dark side".  To recap, Starlight Glimmer's reformation wasn't rushed, we saw her internal struggle, we saw her villain backstory, and it showed kids a very mature and responsible moral, so I approve of the writer's decision.

What did you all think about Starlight's redemption?  Comment below!