Hello everypony!  Miipack603 here with another blog post, this time with my hopes and predictions about the various upcoming developments in the MLP universe.  As most of you already know, the sixth season of "Friendship is Magic" and fourth installment of the Equestria Girls franchise have been announced, and since everypony else is doing blog posts like this, I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon while we play the waiting game for more info on both of these developments.  Without further or do, let's jump into my hopes for the future of  MLP!

Season 6

First, we'll start with Season 6.  I hope several things happen in this season, including:

  • Episodes delving into the families of the Mane 6 (except for maybe Applejack and Pinkie, we've seen them interact with their families already.  We've seen Night Light and Twilight Velvet appear before, but they've never interacted with Twilight or Shining, which I would love to see.  Fluttershy's brother has been leaked to appear in this season, so maybe her parents will appear as well?  Rainbow's dad only appeared once, and seeing one of the tougher of the Mane 6 have sweet bonding moments with her family would be great!)
  • A Princess Celestia-centered episode that reveals more about her character/personality (seriously, writers, we've had plenty of development for Luna, why can't Celestia get some love and attention?)
  • An episode or two where the CMC are called by the Cutie Map to help ponies who are unsure of who they're meant to be (capitalize on the amazement of Crusaders of the Lost Mark, please!)
  • An episode that focuses on Aristotle's Tripartite Soul, or "the Charioteer" (considering this show is about horses/ponies, I thought it would be an interesting and mature topic for the writers to tackle.  They could easily have two ponies of differing personas, like Applejack and Rarity, take an important wagon load across Equestria.)
  • The season opener NOT be about the birth of Princess Cadence's foal (too soon); an episode before the birth showing Cadence's progressing pregnancy (not being weird or anything, I just think it would be more believable to have something in-between the announcement and the birth); and have an episode with the birth as the focus (don't pull another Baby Cakes on us)
  • An episode or two possibly delving into the backstories of the other Princesses - Celestia, Luna, and Cadence (we don't really know much about their backstories, other than Cadence's in the books)
  • The season finale feature a new villain (non-reformable, of course) that causes so much havoc in Equestria, Twilight and her friends need to pull together the minor "antagonists" (Trixie, Discord, Gilda, etc) to defeat her.
    • Also, have Sunset Shimmer return to Equestria to help the minor "antagonists" and possibly remain there (will explain later.)
  • Episodes that feature more interaction of the Mane 6 with the background ponies (Doctor Hooves/Twilight, Derpy/Pinkie?, Twilight/Lyra/Moon Dancer/Minuette/Lemon Hearts/Twinkleshine, Pinkie/Octavia/Vinyl, etc)
  • An episode where Pinkie Pie and another member of the Mane 6 have to babysit Flurry Heart for the day, which leads to chaos!

Equestria Girls:  Legend of Everfree

Now for Legend of Everfree.  Given the title and the nature of the previous movie, here's what I hope happens:

  • Sunset Shimmer gives more consideration for where here true home lies - in Equestria or the human world - and wonders if she would even be welcome in Equestria anymore.
  • The villain that is introduced in the season finale creates enough chaos to cause the Everfree Forest to invade and enter the human world (in a realistic way, not with the weird tentacle plant things in the Season 4 opener).
  • Sunset and the Humane 5 travel into the city where, with the help of some of their Crystal Prep friends, uncover a legend about the villain (who hails from the Everfree Forest) that says Sunset and the other minor "antagonists" of the pony world are the key in defeating her.
  • Sunset returns to Equestria to help defeat the villain and begins to realize where she truely belongs.
  • Sunset returns to the human world and announces that, to preserve the balance of both worlds - magical and non - she will stay in Equestria and keep the magic there.  She shares many heartfelt farewells with the people at Canterlot High and travels back through the mirror into Equestria, where the four Princesses are waiting to welcome her.  Sunset trots up to Celestia and begins to apologize, but Celestia pulls her into a hug, and they have a heartfelt reunion.
  • All this considering the writers make this the last installment of the Equestria Girls series.

Comment below on what you guys think of these and offer up any predictions/hopes of your own!