Greetings everypony!  John Darkblaze here with my second "hopes and predictions" blog post!  Season 6 was a truly amazing season that opened up new worlds, new relationships, and left us a lot to think about for the next season.  With that said, here are my hopes for Season 7 of My Little Pony.

Season 7

  • An episode where Rainbow's parents/family appear (seriously writers, she's the only Mane 6 who we haven't seen her family!).  My hope:  Rainbow and anther pony are called by the map to Cloudsdale to prevent her siblings from fighting with each other.
  • A follow-up episode to the Season 6 finale that stars the Changelings in their new forms.
  • An episode with Celestia as the main focus or about hers and Luna's daily lives!!!!
  • More new locations made and visited; the writers did good with Las Pegasus, now we need Vanhoover, Fillydelphia, Baltimare, and Stratusburg!
  • Episodes where Starlight Glimmer is more confident and a better leader and friend since her development in the finale.
  • A new theme song (come on, writers) or at least use the extended version with updated visuals!
  • An episode with Pinkie and preferably Fluttershy babysitting Flurry Heart, who has grown into a filly (make it happen, writers!)
  • A significantly better follow-up episode to TGOTMP starring Pinkie, another member of the Mane 6 (not Rarity), and Marble and Limestone Pie.
  • A musical episode that brings about another significant change to the status quo (following the pattern of musicals, this is most likely bound to happen).
  • More information about the Apple parents and their whereabouts; preferably through a flashback.
  • Chrysalis to return in the finale (not the premiere, please!) and have her break Tirek and Sombra out of their prisons to wreak her revenge on Equestria.  Resolution:  no reformations, either destroy them or throw them all in Tartaurus.
  • A winter-themed episode similar to "Survival of the Idiots" from Spongebob, but with ponies!
  • More canonical backstory for Celestia and Luna, as a follow-up to their statements about alicorns in the Season 6 premiere.
  • For EQ Movie(s):  I want to see Sunset Shimmer either return to Equestria permanently or at least visit so she can make amends with Celestia! (We've needed this since Friendship Games!)

What do you guys hope to see in the next season of MLP?  Comment below!