Hey guys, Darkblaze here!  I wish it were on a happier note, but unfortunately, it's not.  In today's blog post, I will be discussing some distressing news about the Brony fandom.  Before you get to saying anything, this is based solely on my own observations, not actual fact.  I'm telling you about this because something rather nerve-wracking is occurring in the fandom right now: it's officially starting to disband!

Now, I might just be over-reacting or something like that, but it is disconcerting to me to see so much hate directed towards the show these days.  You may already know, but several fans just on this wiki (I won't name names) are saying that they are going to stop supporting/watching the show for fairly petty reasons, like how Starlight is stealing the spotlight and their favorite characters aren't appearing as much, or that the show since Season 5 lacks any good story-telling or characterization.  This worries me because, if the show writers listen to any of this feedback, then the show could be put on hiatus or, even worse, TERMINATED.

Well, I'm here to say just one thing:  cut it out.  Bronies nowadays have been spoiled by episodes like Slice of Life and the like that they now expect the same thing for every episode, not even considering the TARGET demographic anymore.  I understand that not everybody is like that, but there are a good amount of them who speak out so much against the show that I fear it will end up being shut down with no warning at all.  In my opinion, the show has only gotten better since Season 5 and we've received some truly stellar episodes with amazing character development and story-telling (I think you all know which ones).  Lately, however, it seems like the negative opinions outweigh the positive ones, which kind of ticks me off when we've been getting some of the series' best episodes since Season 5!

Now, like I said, I may be over-reacting to some things I've read, but feel free to tell me your opinions about the show nowadays.  Do you think it should stay a bit longer, or do you think it should be cancelled?  Comment below!