Ooooohhhhhh. . .Mmmmyyyyyyyy. . .Goooooodddddd!!!  Man, was this a fun and exciting episode, or what?!  Quite possibly one of the best episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that I've ever seen!  Sorry Crusaders of the Lost Mark and Magical Mystery Cure, this one deserves my number one spot!  Now, with all of that said, let's explore why this episode deserves to be one of the greats.

First off, let me just say that the animation and screen-writing were top notch in the Season 5 finale, quite possibly the best I've seen in the show thus far!  i also liked the direction they took with the story line; although it would be interesting to see one or more of the main villains interacting with another in a combined alternate universe, I was still satisfied that they decided to bring back most if not all of the villains in the first place!  Speaking of the villains, this episode made me appreciate Starlight Glimmer more as a character, as we got to see more of her cunning and manipulation in action with her different attempts to stop the Rainboom, which was awesome.  That battle scene between Twilight and Starlight was one of the scenes that made this episode for me!

I somaply cannot say enough about the action scenes in this episode, as there were soo many that were absolutely phenomenal, namely Sombra, Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon's, and the "barren wasteland" present/futures.  The struggles were real and there were also several dark elements in this episode (Rainbow's injuries in Sombra's present and Zecora and Fluttershy sacrificing themselves for Twilight in chrysalis' future), which only emphasizes the epicness of this finale!  I also liked that they touched upon the butterfly effect and did not simply have Starlight doing the exact same thing, which would lead to the exact same future for 45 minutes.  On another note, I think this is the first season finale/premire (not counting the Cutie Map) where there has been no "deus ex machina" to save the day.  Ususally, the villains have been defeated by the Mane 6 and the Elements of Harmony, or at least some form of them.  In this episode, however, Twilight realizes that even her magical abilities are not enough to overpower Starlight and tries to convince her that life can be better by making new friends.  Personally, I liked this change of pace and hope we get to see more variety in this sense further down the line.

Now, I guess this brings me to the subject bronies will be talking about until Season 6 airs - Starlight's reformation at the end.  I will probably put up another blog post explaining my full opinions on this aspect of the episode, but I will say a few things here; I honestly was not initially happy that there was the possibility for her reformation for this episode, but it did little to curb my enthusiasm for this episode.  In the end, I believe this was the best decision to make for her character because she had nowhere else to go; again, I will uload my full review on this decision.

Overall, the eason 5 finale, "The Cutie Re-mark" tops all other season premiere/finale this show has seen thus far.  The plot, animation, dialogue, and action scenes were all fantastic and amazing, and we now have more development for Starlight Glimmer, which opens up numerous doors for her story-wise.  That's all for now, comment below and tell me your opinions on this episode.