Hey everypony!  Miipack603 here once again with another episode review!  Although this episode wasn't quite as monumental for the show as the previous episode, I still believe it was deserving of my review.  So, without further or do, let's get started!

First off, I have to say . . . I TOTALLY semi-called what would happen in this episode!!!  I didn't predict everything that happened in this episode, but some things - namely the way Pinkie found out the news through a cake order, the Mane 6 getting ready for a visit from Shining and Cadence, and Twilight's reaction to hearing the news - I surprisingly thought would happen ahead of time.  for more information, consult the first part of my fanfic, "Welcome to the Royal Family", on FIMfiction.

Now, onto the episode itself.  One of my favorite parts was Pinkie struggling with keeping the news a secret.  For starters, I'm amazed by the fact that Pinkie didn't spoil the surprise for the rest of them even when she was at her breaking point (I guess she kept telling herself what she told Twilight in Green Isn't Your Color, which would be nice continuity).  Although there were some close cases where she though she would lose it, thankfully the news of Cadence and Shining's development wasn't spoiled for her friends - especially Twilight, I loved her reaction to discovering that they were having a baby (mostly because it was one of the things I predicted!).  I also like how Pinkie's descent into insanity is portrayed better in this episode rather than in Party of One; it was more believable that the stress of containing the secret for a long time would drive her crazy, instead of doing a 180 into madness, like how that episode handled it.

My other favorite part, and also the one thing everyone can take away with this episode, is the fact that Princess Cadence and Shining Armor are going to be parents!  Oh, wow, where do I start with this reveal; I hadn't heard about the whole deal with Skyla until this episode, and I think this will be a great direction for the show to take because it is one of the things that makes the show more relatable (first Moon Dancer's struggle with making friends, then Luna's struggle with her guilt, and now the struggle for new parents with a child - what next?!).  This probably sounds weird, but I would really like it if the writers implement Cadence and/or Shining into episodes before the birth to show the progression of Cadence's pregnancy.  I think this would pave the way for more development of their characters and it would be nice to see how they cope with their development.  As for the foal itself, I could really care less what type of pony it is, as we've seen pegasus and unicorn foals come from Earth Ponies (the Cakes), but it would be nice if the creators tried to stay away from the whole "born as an alicorn" deal, as it would leave room for more development and potentially even more seasons in which she has the skills to be deemed an alicorn.

Overall, I thought this was a really fun and exciting episode, as it leaves room for more potential story arcs regarding their foal, and it currently ranks at my second favorite episode of Season 5, outpaced only by the masterpeice we gained last week.  Obvious 10 out ot 10 for me!

Comment below if you agree/disagree with the points I've discussed - I like hearing your feedback!