Welcome back, everypony! John Darkblaze back after a long hiatus to bring you another episode review. This time, it's the latest episode of Season 6, and after its two predecessors, this episode felt like a breath of frestlh air. Let's jump in, shall we?

First of all, this is easily my favorite Spike episode of Season 6, and ties Secret of My Excess for favorite Spike ep of all time. I really appreciate that, in recent episodes, Spike appears to be taking inspiration from watching Twilight all these years and spreading friendship himself with Ember and Thorax. I thought Spike wouldn't get a solid episode after Season 5, episode 10 (I refuse to say the name), but I was pleasantly surprised with this truely excellent episode.

Some highlights for me: seeing the return of Sunshine Sunshine!!! The night before this ep aired, I was hopimg that their special dance wasn't just going to disappear from existence, but they finally bring it back after 3 seasons. And they way they did it was a nice homage to how Cadence proved herself to Twilight back in Season 3. Thats another thing; the callbacks in this episode were great little nostalgic nods to earlier seasons - not to mention that we also got some insight into Changeling culture, which completely took me by surprise!

Onto the next major point: Spike's interaction with Thorax. While it did feel slightly rushed, I thought the way they handled the struggle with getting everypony to accept Thorax was done very well, and it presents a very important lesson and moral relatable to all ages. The way Spike initially didn't support Thorax, but redeemed homself during the song was a nice touch. Speaking of which, the song - Spike's first solo - was incredible. I don't cry at most things, and this song was no exception, but I could still feel the emotion it provoked, and definitely enters my top 5 fav songs of Season 6.

In conclusion, I really liked this episode for the questions about changelings it answers for us and the sweet interaction between Thorax and Spike. I legit cannot think of anything negative to say about this episode, so I will end this post by giving "The Times They Are A-Changeling" an "A++" rating!

What did you think about this episode? Was it everything you expected? Nothing what you expected? Comment your opinions below!