Hello everyone. I know this movie has probably been out for a while now, but I just saw it last night and - wow. Here are my opinions on this surprisingly-entertaining movie and I'm interested to know what all of you think about it. Spoiler alert: this may be a long blog post, so make sure you have enough time to read it all!

When I first saw that they made the ponies into humans, I was initially turned off by the idea (I know, bad choice of words). After seeing so many of the episodes starring the ponies, I could not wrap my head around the thought of them becoming humans and thought that I would not enjoy it. After I read a little about the story, however, I decided to give it a try, and boy was I surprised.

In a nutshell, Twilight's crown is stolen by Sunset Shimmer and goes into the human world, where she has to cope with her new surroundings and try to get her crown back before Sunset gains ultimate control to fulfill her desires. I like this story because it starts off in Equestria then goes into the "strange world" and back to Equestria, which really connects it to the TV series instead of becoming its own thing. The humor used throughout the story does not disappoint, as well!

Secondly, I actually like how they handled the pony characters in this movie. Their visual representations in the human world are nice, and I like how the writers made each of them part of a different social group and how, during the song in the cafeteria, they are able to come together to unite the school against Sunset. Speaking of which, while some people may believe that it becomes like god-awful High School Musical, but the major difference here is that the song "Helping Twilight Win the Crown" actually has a purpose to the story, while in HSM, almost all of the songs are completely random.

However, like with all good films, there are bound to be flaws. I did not particularly like how Sunset Shimmer ended up. Given her behavior, I felt that she deserved to be killed off rather than reformed. And before you say that they cannot do this because it's a kid's show, remember that we have already seen villains getting killed twice before in the series (Queen Chrysallis and King Sombra). However, this is my only major issue with the movie and believe overall that it is well worth a watch.

I give this film a 9.5/10 and would recommend it to any fan of the My Little Pony series, although I would recommend watching it after seeing some of the episodes involving the ponies for two reasons: one, it plays off of some of the previous episodes in the series, and two, I believe the pony side is better than the human side of the series.