Hello everypony!  John Darkblaze here yet again with another "Top Ten" blog post.  This time, I will be discussing my top ten least favorite characters in the MLP universe and my reasons for ranking them as such.  Let's not hesitate any longer and jump into this discussion!

NOTE:  The title may be a little misleading; this is more of a "least favorite ponies" list, rather than a "who is the absolute worst pony?" list, which may be implied by the title.  I simply did this to match the number of characters with my previous blog post about my favorite characters.

  1. Spoiled Rich:  Despite my disclaimer, this character, as I'm sure most of you will agree, is by far the absolute WORST character in the show to date!  She's stuck-up, rude, and borderline abusive towards her daughter and anypony she sees as below her status.  Man, it's a good thing Diamond Tiara finally stood up to her awful mother; now it's Filthy Rich's turn!
  1. Svengallop:  He is just as bad, if not sometimes worse than the previous entry on this list!  The only reason I'm giving him second place and not first is because he did manage to help Rara develop a successful musical career, despite how convoluted it seemed.  Other than that, his manipulation of Rara and other ponies is downright evil; hopefully his career as manager won't last very long.
  1. Diamond Tiara (pre-COTLM):  While I appreciated the writers giving her more personality in Crusaders of the Lost Mark, before that episode aired, Diamond Tiara has been nothing more than rude, obnoxious, and sometimes as evil and abusive as her mother (*cough Flight to the Finish*).  I'm glad the writers decided to reform her, because I could not stand her other appearances.
  1. Rarity (Sweet and Elite persona):  This may be a little specific, this was the first episode I could think of to describe her attitude.  I'm mostly talking about episodes where Rarity was selfish and egotistical and only considered her friends' feelings or efforts when she was proven wrong.  I mean, she's the Element of freaking GENEROSITY - show us that more than just a couple of times!!
  2. Cheese Sandwich:  In short, he's a more annoying character than Pinkie Pie, who I will discuss later.  I didn't watch the entirety of his debut episode, Pinkie Pride, and for good reason; I disliked his overjoyful personality, the stunts he pulls, and the fact that he was basically a carbon copy of Pinkie Pie, except more extravagent (and not in the good way).  I'm personally glad that the writers didn't bring him back for another speaking role, even though I will probably get a lashing from you "CheesyPie" shippers out there.
  1. Suri Polomare:  As much as I didn't like Rarity in that episode, Suri Polomare was just as bad if not worse than her.  She used her friendship with Rarity to get what she wants, then goes one step further to betray her friend.  If that doesn't spell "manipulative jerk", then I don't know what does!
  1. Flash Sentry:  I don't consider this character as being necessarily bad, but mroe along the lines of pointless.  There was no need for him to become Twilight's love interest in the Equestria Girls franchise, and other than that, he doesn't provide anything of substance to the show other than being a background character.  While I did like his appearance in that "Friendship Games" short, ideally, I think the show would be better off without him.
  1. Pinkie Pie:  First, let me start off by saying that I don't completely hate Pinkie Pie; I love her humor, but there are sometimes in which I simply can't stand her antics.  She often provides the comic relief in several episodes, which has proven to be both a good and a bad thing.  Overall, however, my interest in Pinkie Pie has dwindled because of several instances in which she just acts like a hyperactive child, and has me thinking "Ugh, how much more annoying can someone get?"
  2. Boy Bullies:  I spoke too soon.  While I do understand that they are supposed to be your typical "foils" to the main character, I find their voices and methods of verbal abuse to be irritating and unpleasant.  Also, that's all they ever do; why can't we see them acting like real bullies would, if they have to stay in the show?
  3. Principal Cinch:  Along the same lines as Svengallop, I dislike this character because of her manipulation and blackmailing Sci-Twi.  I mean, she's the freaking principal of he school, and this  is how she acts to get what she wants?!  That's a whole new level of low, and I think she should have deserved more severe punishment than simply walking away in defeat.